In this world of workers, the profession of the clerk is classified as the white collar worker as the performances are constricted to office tasks that are related administration. You can also say that a clerk can be employed in a school or hospitals dealing with the administrative issues. Therefore the employment opportunities are also vast and diverse in nature.


The clerical jobs are dealing with the administrative sector hence every institution whether public or corporate has an administrative side to look upon. Starting from record keeping to staffing the other sectors, all comes under the job of a clerk. Being an office clerk you need not go into the details of office management but it is the combination of various jobs like tele-calling, stenography or even record keeping, all of them belong to the different categories of clerkship.


You don’t need to be highly qualified for being an office clerk but you should be having the following skills in order to achieve success.

  • Should have the capacity to learn and listen to the information provided by the higher authorities or the customers likewise.
  • Should be able to communicate with others for better understanding therefore voice clarity
  • Should understand the speech of other clients
  • Has the potential of mathematical reasoning
  • Interaction with computers
  • Has the potential to arrange the things accordingly
  • Can complete within the stipulated time
  • Must be an expert in accounting and economics practices
  • Able to handle other clerical issues


Distribution of monetary issues via banking transactions

  • Communicating with other customers as well as co workers to propagate the information as well as the queries
  • Answering calls and complaints
  • Sorting along with handling of records
  • Perform operations like scanners or fax machines along with the personal computers
  • Can calculate faster and compile the other requisites in the financial data
  • Updating oneself for acquisition of more knowledge


Though any formal qualification is required but

  • Able to read and write as well as communicate in English
  • Have computer knowledge
  • A degree acquired in accounting or economics would surely be preferred

Work Condition

Since it is all about working inside the office premises thus

  • You need to identify the requisite for a better strategy followed for correct estimation
  • One needs to speak with the subordinates for handling the unwelcomed circumstances
  • Being update about the skills required for keeping oneself update for better handling of calls, file reports, and many more
  • Need to communicate continuously with the members of the administrative as well as human resource team
  • Handles databases in order to enhance the record keeping process
  • Helps the HR team for creating the back up of various payroll entries

But above all, the main aspect in a job of office clerk is being alert while dealing the clerical function.


One should be

  • Quick at calculations
  • Aware and updated about the clerical functionaries
  • Fast in computing action

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