An Office Administrator is a professional who manages everyday functions of an office. Since efficient organization plays an important role in the smooth functioning of a business, office administration is an area that continues to offer a good number of job opportunities.

An Office Administrator is required to supervise, coordinate, keep records and manage finances. In a nutshell, he needs to supervise the administrative staff.

An Office Administrator also provides secretarial and executive services for committees and assists any department whenever called upon.

Skill Requirements

Excellent interpersonal Skills

An Office Administrator has to be good with people so that he can receive and send correspondence, deal with outsiders on behalf of the office and so on.

Good organizational skills

Besides being a good communicator, he needs to be organized so as to manage and organize the volumes of documents, schedule appointments and ensure smooth running of the office.

An Office Administrator also needs to be highly flexible and should be working with plans which can be modified at the last moment.

He also needs to assist various departments and hence, giving justice to all will be a top priority.

He must have the ability to multitask and meet changing deadlines.

Excellent oral and written communication skills

As anOffice Administrator is required to receive and send correspondence and also interact with the outside people, he needs to be fluent in these skills.

An eye for detail

Since an Office Administrator has to handle clients, he needs to make sure that no errors are made while communicating or otherwise. Hence, he needs to be detail-oriented and highly accurate.


An Office Administratormust be self-directed and able to complete projects with limited supervision. He or she should be responsible enough and should not need constant reminders.

Technical skills

An Office Administratorneeds to have a working knowledge of email, spreadsheets and presentation software.

Job Duties

  • An Office Administrator’s main task is coordinating between people to get jobs done.
  • He must supervise over the assigned jobs and make sure they are carried out in time by employees.
  • It would be the responsibility of the Office Administrator to conduct interviews if there are vacancies.
  • He needs to ensure that the office supplies never run out. He is in-charge of the petty cash and the filing of reimbursement claims by the employees.
  • An Office Administrator has to track office supply inventory and approve of supply orders.
  • He is responsible for recording employee attendance and scheduling meetings and appointments. It is also his duty to record the minutes of the meeting.

 Work Conditions

Office Administrators is a desk job but travelling to other branches may be required. The job demands travel to attend conferences, meetings and training courses. 

Educational Requirements

An MBA degree, especially one in Human Resource Management, is preferred. Additionally, other degrees in management, commerce, psychology and finance are always useful for the post. A related work experience of 2 years or more could also prove to be an added advantage.

 Tips for the job

1) An Office Administrator should try to maintain a clutter-free work area as neatness will not just lead to efficiency in his multi-tasking but also create a good impression on the management.

2) He should be an expert with paperwork. He should choose a filing system that suits him and organize bundles of paperwork into logical piles.

3) An Office Administrator should have good knowledge in Accountancy. This would help him in maintaining accurate and up-to-date records.

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