Occupational Therapy Assistant usually helps the clients with various activities and even help in exercises. They also perform duty to provide a treatment plan that is prepared by the occupational therapist. Occupational therapy assistant also performs clerical duties. The professional mainly works in health care centers, nursing homes or appointed by any private occupational therapist, so that they can perform their job perfectly. Under the supervision of occupational therapist, they perform their duty.

Job description

  • Provide help and rehabilitative support to the individuals under the supervision of occupational therapist
  • Their duty or job include to help people who are disable with their physical inability
  • Also help the patients to provide an exercise that is being suggested by the occupational therapist
  • Assist to the occupational therapist in a perfect manner in monitoring the activities of patients
  • Provide motivation and encouragement to the patients on behalf occupational therapist

Job duties

  • Occupational therapist assistant work under the supervision of occupational therapist
  • Record the reports of the patients in a proper manner
  • Report to the occupational therapist on time
  • Dedication and patience is the main duty for this job
  • Treat patients well to cure injuries and illness
  • Coordinate well with the clients and occupational therapists
  • Maintain everyday activities and skills for the patients
  • Boost up the confidence of the patients
  • Helps to recover the condition of the patients
  • Maintain the official duties very well


Primarily you should possess good quality of communication skills; you should have patience and very encouraging attitude. You should be very much true spirited person and involve the patients in good work to reduce their pain and sufferings. As an occupational therapist assistant, you should also possess a good quality of working as a team, create a good relation with patients, and respect people to all ages and ensure good help and support to clients.

Work environment

Occupational therapist assistant main job include in hospitals and offices. They spend most of the time in working culture through helping patients and even giving them moral support. Working with patients in comfortable zone is very important and essential. Duty hours of occupational therapist assistant are very simple and sleek. Professional should encourage clients based on their reports during the working ambience.


To become an occupational therapist assistant, you should require a degree from associated and accredited college. So, that one can perform the duty at their best. Certificate course on this field can definitely help you to understand the field in a great way. Training and experience on this field can surely give you success in the near future and make you good professional.

Tips for the job

If you want to become a successful occupational therapist assistant, then you should possess good and positive outlook towards the job. Colleges handle occupational therapy assistant programs so you can check out those programs and excel your knowledge in this field. You should have regular contact with the recruitment agencies so that you can have better option for your career.

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