A Nursing Aide or a Nursing Assistant assists in taking care of the patients. They generally work under the supervision of licensed practice nurses (LPN’s), registered nurses (RN’s), or other healthcare professionals. A nursing aide generally spends more time with the patient than other medical staff. They perform various duties such as bathing, making beds, taking vital signs, etc. Most of the healthcare facilities prefer hiring certified nursing aides who have received a certification from a reputed governing body. Due to the aging population and rise in the number of diseases, there is an increasing demand for healthcare personnel such as nursing aide.

Skill Requirements

  • I should be able to communicate effectively in English and the local languages of the region.
  • Must have good knowledge of various healthcare tools and equipment.
  • Be able to work with a team of medical staff.
  • Should be able to understand clearly and act upon the instructions given by the seniors.
  • Patient and caring attitude to deal with any kind of patient.
  • Must be sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Physically strong and emotionally stable as the candidate will have to endure being on feet for long hours, lift heavy objects, and deal with sensitive situations.

Job Duties

  • Assist the patient with bathing and other sanitation activities.
  • Ensure proper diet is given to the patient. Feed the patient if he is not able to do so himself.
  • Take vital signs (such as check blood pressure, pulse, etc.) and change wound dressing from time to time as instructed by the seniors.
  • Take care of transporting the patient from one place to another for diagnosis, surgery, etc.
  • Make the patient bed and ensure the room is clean and tidy. Ensure all healthcare equipment and the patient’s room is properly sterilized.
  • Helping the patient with physiotherapy and doing exercises suggested by the doctors.
  • Answer calls on behalf of the patient.
  • Constantly check how the patient is progressing and report to the seniors in case of emergency.
  • Providing wheelchair assistance to patients.
  • Helping bedridden patients with movements.
  • Maintaining proper records to note down the patient’s progress.

Work Conditions

  • Work from various healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, military camps, healthcare camps, assisted living centers, mental health clinics, rehabilitation centers, private homes, etc.
  • Work involves being on feet for a considerable period of time and lifting and moving patients and medical equipment.
  • We will have to work in round the clock shifts and also on weekends & holidays.

Educational Requirements

  • Undergraduate or graduate preferably in science, biology, or physiology.
  • Must have completed a certificate course or a degree/diploma in medical or nursing assistance.
  • Candidates who have previously worked as a nursing aide or who have had some vocational training in a related field will be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Help the patient overcome any fears he might have about the medical procedure.
  • Wear the nursing uniform and identity card when on duty.
  • Treat each patient with a gentle and caring attitude.
  • Ensure cleanliness standards are maintained at all times.

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