Nurse aide is the term used for the person who provides assistance and supporting services to the patients. They work under the supervision of the doctor or any other head of the nursing staff who guide them about the basic help they have to provide. They check for the medication of their patients. Nurse aides are also responsible for the maintenance of the hospital and the patients admitted there.

 Job description:

The job of a nurse aide is to provide best assistance services to their chronically ill and disabled patient. They even provide assistance to patients who face problem in daily activities like bathing, dressing, eating, etc. The job is flexible. They need to ensure that all the patients’ demands and needs are fulfilled on daily basis. The nurse aide even assist the patients in going out of their bed or walking whenever needed. The job is reputed one as it deals with the care of the citizens.

Skill requirements:

The major skill requirements include:

  • Should be strong both physically and mentally.
  • Good communication skills so that he could understand the needs of the patient easily.
  • Should be strong enough to tackle emergency situations.
  • Should be able to satisfy the client by his service.
  • Willing to work harder.
  • Must have manners and knowledge of attending the patient.
  • Must perform all the hospital errands properly like changing the beddings and disinfecting the used rooms.
  • Be regular to his job.
  • Should be patient and gentle.
  • Should be well- organized.

Job Duties:

There are many important duties associated with this profession of nurse aide. Some of them are:

  • Follow the rules and the guidelines given by the senior nurses or the doctors.
  • Should take care of the daily activities of the patient like bathing and dressing.
  • Help the patient in turning, going out of the bed, walking or any other movement.
  • Should feed them meals properly.
  • Should take care of giving the medicines timely.
  • Help the patient in communication with others.
  • Should assist the patient with toileting.
  • Maintain proper hygienic surroundings for the patient.
  • Provide services to the patient all the time.
  • Must provide help to the doctors in holding instruments.
  • Must circulate the messages between the patient and doctor.
  • Complete all the hospital errands on time.
  • Must collect all the used syringes, gloves and medicine bottles to dispatch them.

Work conditions:

The surroundings of the patient should be hygienic so the work conditions for nurse aides are clean and orderly but at times they may be stressful because some of the patients are very humble and cooperative but few are very difficult to be handled. The nurse aide works in allotted time shifts because of the 24 working hour’s facility of the hospitals. They need to work for at least 8-10 hours every day. They are mostly employed in hospitals and nursing homes.

Tips for a good job:

  • Provide the best assistance to the patients.
  • Take care of their daily activities properly.
  • Be regular to the job.
  • Communicate with the patient humbly.

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