Publication of news, articles, snippets and tidbits helps channelizing public opinion. News editor has proactive roles to offer in this process of channelization. His is a job centering on the prospects of communication and coverage.

Job description

  • As a news editor, you are supposed to oversee the prospect of news reporting. To see through and copyedit the contents pulled in for the purpose of publication.
  • To check out for issues, errors and glitches.
  • Working out on the layout of a particular news presentation.
  • To add to the aesthetic appeal of a news presentation.
  • To guide writers, reporters and journalists with regard to the preparation of a write up.

Job duties

Being an editor, you are responsible for the following duties:

  • Thrashing out assignments to the writers, reporters and news collectors.
  • To collect and collate leads and pitches of different news pieces.
  • To guide the writers accordingly, so that the news concerned is able to grab headlines.
  • Since copyediting is an important aspect of this job, you are supposed to scrutinize mistakes in presentation and the nuances of grammatical and lexical structures.
  • Checking out for factual errors, fabrication, and issues pertaining to copyright violation are some of the important facets of his responsibility.
  • To look for possible issues which are likely to give rise to legal hassles and thus, ensure that a write-up is free from those.
  • To suggest tips and possibilities of improvement in the style and orientation of writing.


  • Needs to be an excellent communicator.
  • Good skills of coordination.
  • Organizational & leadership skills are the basic imperatives.
  • Ability to pick up and develop on ideas.
  •  Ability to teach as well as, learn
  • Needs to be a good motivator.
  • Skillful presentation of news content.
  • Flair for the subtle delicacies of a  language
  • Thorough acquaintance with the structure and usage of grammar.
  • Ability to distinguish facts from fiction.
  • Ability to orient snippets in such a way that the readers are benefitted factually, as well as, aesthetically.
  • Ability to focus on details.

Work environment

The work environment is bound to be extremely competitive. You need to be particularly focused on the timeliness of news delivery. Only then, can you motivate the team working under you. The job is essentially desk bound. But there are times, when you need to tour, travel and do quite a bit of running around. You may often be expected to deliver round the clock. Thus, standardized schedule of five to six hours of work is one of the remote possibilities. Despite being creatively fulfilling, the job is ridden with a fare share of pressures and strain.


Graduation followed by associate/diploma programs in the following streams can brighten your prospect as a news editor.

  • Mass communication
  • Journalism
  • Creative writing

Additional skills in typing and bare minimum acquaintance with computing are some of the other aspects, which can add to your prospect

Tips for the job

Do remember, that no matter how qualified you are, this is a job which can help you grow and evolve with the passage of time. So, you need to be particularly focused

  • On picking up skills and tricks.
  • Adapt and orient yourself to the needs of a situation.
  • Enhance the skills of effective communication.

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