The Network Operation Centre Engineer makes sure that the networking system of the organization is running smoothly. He needs to ascertain that network services are available and also provides support to the Engineering and other teams. He needs to ensure that all services are provided on time.

He attends to complaints and takes suitable action to maintain a problem-free network environment.

Skill Requirements

An NOC engineer needs to be clear and concise in his communications. He works very closely with the Engineering team and hence needs to develop a good all-round understanding of systems and networks.

Diligence and attention to detail are also key skills along with the ability to multi-task and prioritise work appropriately.

He should further be eager to learn new skills and spend sufficient time in researching.

He should possess an innovative and flexible approach to tackle a broad range of problems.

Job Duties

It is the duty of an NOC Engineer to test all network components. He has to make sure they are running smoothly without a glitch.

If there are issues, he has to identify the problem correctly. He can also anticipate problems by using preventive methods and performing routine checks.

He has to maintain all network operations through continuous monitoring and preparing reports. He has to work in association with the technical staff to develop new software that can help monitor and maintain the systems.

Moreover, he is also in charge of resolving network complaints of customers. He has to correctly analyse the problem and then solve it. For this, he may seek help from technical experts who can help him if the problem is too complex.

So although he can take help, it is mainly his duty to shoulder the customer grievances.

He must also keep track of the nature of problems and details for future reference, so that if they are faced with a similar issue some other time, they have the records to know how to handle it again.

Work Conditions

The NOC engineers generally work in a computer laboratory, and hence their job is mainly sedentary in nature. They usually work 40 hours a week but they are expected to be on call in the event of a system failure.

As they spend a lot of time in front of computers, they are highly susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems and eyestrain.

Educational Qualifications

An NOC engineer should hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Business Studies, Computing or any relevant subject. Additionally, a minimum of 12-18 months’ experience in a Technical Support or similar role is highly preferred.

Furthermore, previous experience with hardware and software that the company uses may prove to be beneficial.

 Tips for the Job

The NOC engineer should beco-operative with other teams and should be able to build strong rapport with them.

He should have excellent network diagnostic skills.

Also, he should possess strong analytical skills and able to assemble and interpret data from various sources.

He should be able to prioritize faults and respond to them accordingly.

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