They are computer professionals responsible for the maintenance of computer software, computer hardware, and the peripherals, which together form a network. They have to make sure that the network is functioning properly and is secure. They have to monitor the items like workstations, connectivity devices, the software running them, servers, etc. He plays a very important role in the functioning of the IT staff. He is the key to proper system functionality.

Job description

This job is in high demand nowadays as most of the companies are nowadays technology driven and function using a computer network. Some of the important functions of this job are as described below.

  • He has to consult with the user and determine his requirements.
  • He has to recommend designs which will solve his purpose.
  • He has to inform about the cost involved, and coordinate with the work of installation of data network.
  • He has to analyze and solve the problems that are there in the current network.
  • He has to provide training and guidance to the clients working on the system, and the programmers.
  • He has to work as a technical specialist in case of emergencies.
  • Recommendation of network solutions for various ranges of network projects.
  • He not only installs and configures, but also to maintain components of the network.
  • He works with technical staff to ensure the connectivity and compatibility between the systems.
  • He has to maintain confidentiality with the information being processed, accessed or stored by the network.

Job Duties

Some of the important duties of this profession are as follows.

  • They have to assist networking engineers and IT professionals.
  • They have to design, develop, implement, and perform daily operations, of multiple networks.
  • Their input is very important from the viewpoint of maintenance.
  • They help in installation and testing of the network.
  • They have to see that the system is in optimum working condition.
  • They have to do all the trouble shooting in case of system failure.


The skills required in this job are as discussed below.

  • They should be able to assist people of other departments as computer personnel.
  • He has to oversee that the software and the hardware have been properly installed.
  • He has to provide on the job training to other department staff member.
  • They have to participate in the computer orientation skills of other staff.

Work environment

The work conditions of the analyst is as discussed as follows.

  • They have to work in all types of conditions and climates.
  • The computer systems are not only located in offices but in many inhospitable conditions like in offshore oil platforms, remote research locations, foreign countries, oil rigs, etc.
  • Many of them work in comfortable offices, in temperature controlled environment.
  • They generally have weekend offs.
  • They have fixed working hours except if there are any escalations.


Some of the desired educational qualification of this job is as described below.

  • They require a minimum of bachelor degree.
  • They should have a degree in either computer technology or information technology.
  • They should have professional certification in an area of specialization.

Tips for the Job

Some important tips required for this job are as discussed below.

  • They should have strong analytical skills.
  • They should be able to work under pressure.

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