A Network Administrator is a professional who maintains the computing environment by identifying network requirements. He is also responsible for installing upgrades. Furthermore, he monitors network performance and sees to the overall functioning of the network.

Skill Requirements

Technical Skills

A Network Administrator needs to have a thorough knowledge of servers and desktop products. Secondly, he should be efficient in setting up remote access for users. He should also be having a working knowledge of current communication devices and protocols, server and desktop technologies. Additionally, a Network Administrator must possess the ability to support networked printers and photocopiers.

Effective communication skills

A Network Administrator needs to be highly proficient in verbal and written communications. He should be comfortable with the orientation and training of new staff as he would be expected to supervise, coach and mentor network services assistants. He would require the ability to negotiate hardware/software service and technical support contracts with vendors.

Multi-tasking Skill

He should possess the calm and resolute attitude in managing multiple projects, activities and tasks simultaneously.

Technical Duties

  • A Network Administrator establishes network specifications after discussion with users. He needs to evaluate network performance issues including availability and utilization.
  • Further, he is required to plan and execute the selection and also needs to install and configure the equipment. It is the responsibility of a Network Administrator to define network policies and procedures.
  • He is required to establish connections and firewalls. He maintains network performance by network monitoring and analysis and performance tuning.
  • He is the one liable to troubleshoot network problems and who needs to report escalating problems to vendor. He is also expected to upgrade network by talking with vendors and then testing and installing enhancements.

Training Duties

  • It is the prime duty of the Network Administrator to prepare users by designing and conducting training programs. Meets financial necessities by submitting information for budgets and other monitoring expenses.
  • He also needs to upgrade himself by participating in educational opportunities.
  • He needs to keep himself up-to–date with his job knowledge by reading professional publications and maintaining personal networks.

Duties towards the organization

It is his utmost responsibility to protect the organization’s value by keeping all information confidential. He also needs to accomplish the goals of the organization by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests.

Work Conditions

Computer Network Administrators generally have sedentary jobs and may work in air-conditioned rooms and offices. They usually need to work standard office hours, but under special circumstances they may be required to work for longer hours.

Educational Requirements

To be eligible for the post of a Network Administrator, its necessary for a candidate to have a
Diploma in Computer Science, Management Information Systems or Business Administration. Additionally, one or more courses in current technology are an added benefit.

However, a person with relevant work experience is always given more preference. A considerable (5 years) of experience as an Administrator on a medium sized network of servers using current technologies would be an added advantage.

Tips for the job

  • A Network Administrator should possess the ability to think logically and analyze complex problems.
  • He should be able to express his ideas in clear, understandable terms and should communicate effectively with vendors, co-workers and network users.
  • He should be calm enough to work efficiently under pressure.
  • He should develop a keen interest in keeping up to date with technological developments.
  • He should be interested in exploring opportunities to add value to the job.

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