When we visit a hospital we have to fill forms regarding our personal and medical records. These records are then carefully filed under our data tracker, so that the doctors can easily see the records. This work of filing every patient’s data into systematic order is the work of a medical clerk.

Job Description

Some of the important works that they have to perform are listed below:

  • They have to file a patient’s data on the system, maintain the record, and also process the records, whenever required.
  • He understands the procedures involved in maintenance of medical records. He also knows the medical ethics involved in this process.
  • He fills up the medical records of the patient so that the health standards and medical requirements can be fulfilled.
  • He works with the latest medical technologies like, micro fiche, medical charting systems, postal scales, scanners, multi user telephone system, etc.
  • They also have to use medical software, query software, accounting software, etc.

Job Duties

Some of the important duties that they have to perform are as listed below:

  • Have to do different paper works of the patients.
  • They have to make folders for new patients.
  • They have to save the medical records properly.
  • They have to perform other clerical activities, like answering calls, noting down when the patient checked in and out, if needed he has to fax important data.
  • They have to note down the vital statistics.
  • They have to take them to the doctor chamber, and prepare him for examination.
  • They have to prepare the medicines to be administered to the patient.
  • They may have to collect samples for examination.
  • Explain the patients in simple words, what the doctor has diagnosed, and what medicines he has to take.
  • Schedule appointments of patients.
  • They may be required to change dressings in wounds.
  • They need to coordinate with the insurance agencies.


The skills of a medical clerk should be as follows:

  • Ability to interpret data properly.
  • They must have good written communication skills.
  • Ability to enter data correctly.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently without much help.
  • Ability to use latest technologies and different software.

Work Environment

The working conditions of these professionals are as follows:

  • They have comfortable working areas, which are well lit, clean, and air conditioned.
  • They do not directly interact with the patients.
  • They normally have to work for 40 hours a week.
  • In a few conditions only, they have to work round the clock, all through the week.
  • They are required to work on evenings, and also on weekends.
  • Only a few part time options are open.


The essential qualifications required for this job are as discussed below:

  • They should have a minimum of bachelor degree from a college.
  • They should have a basic idea about medical terminologies, medical coding, database management, etc.
  • They should have a certificate of the Information Technician.
  • They have to sit for an eligibility test.

Tips for the Job

Some tips for this job which will prove useful for people interested in this job are as follows:

  • They must possess good organizational skills.
  • They should be good at data interpretation.

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