A medical assistant works under a physician as the key objective of the job is to learn on-field and gain practice experience. A Medical Assistant may also be a part of the health care team at a hospital or clinic. The job is to perform clinical and administrative duties.
Medical assistants are synonymous to Medical Administrative Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, Doctor’s Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, Optometric Assistant, Clinical Assistant, Ophthalmic Technician, and Optometric Technician.

Skill Requirements

  • Good listener:
    Must not interrupt at inappropriate times. They must ask appropriate questions and listen very carefully.
  • Good communicator:
    Must have clear and strong communications skills.
  • Good instructive skills:
    He will often need to instruct patients. Patience, communication skills and dialogue delivery works here.
  • Social perceptiveness:
    Must be able to figure how do people react to situations and the reasoning.
  • Learner:
    Must be keep on learning as they will deal with new information every day.
  • Time Management:
    He himself and the patience are always running out of time. He must know how to make the best of time.
  • Critical Thinking:
    Problems have alternative solutions and approaches. He must be able to think of the best of the solutions with its reasoning.
  • Tech savvy:
    He may have to deal with machines and make sure they are working properly. He must have a control over all the machines and their operations.

Job Duties

Duties and responsibilities depend on where is the Medical Assistant working and with who. General duties are listed below:

  • Administrative work:
    Scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, filing, billing and following up calls and appointments.
  • Clinical Duties:
    Recording new patients, asking for medical histories, preparing patients for examination, organizing examination rooms, sterilizing medical instruments, drawing blood, governing medications, collecting blood tissue and other specimens, prepare specimens for testing, explaining treatment procedures, medications, diet and similar instructions to the patients.
  • Assisting:
    This may be assisting medical inspection, various examinations, operations and even general checkups.

Work Conditions    

Usually medical Assistants are needs in physician’s offices and clinics. Hospitals also hire a very synonymous post of a Medical Administrative Assistant and Medical Secretary. The work conditions that are general are listed below:

  • Interacting with patients.
  • Assisting doctors or physicians.
  • Working on defined hours minimum five days a week or at nights and weekends if the time is extended.

Educational Requirements

The clerical job doesn’t demand a high educational qualifications but someone from a strong science background, preferably with a short term or certificate course.
For the clinical aspect and to be a highly respective Medical Assistant you need to clear the Medical Assisting Certificate Test. Trainings from Junior colleges, vocational schools or similar are of importance too.
MA also offers specializing in Gynecology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Urology, Internal Medicine and Oncology. A degree of any of these is of great advantage.

Tips for the Job

  • Be humble and respectful to the patients.
  • If needed repeat the instructions over and over again until it’s very clear.
  • Give options for solutions to the patient’s problems- let them make the best choice.
  • Clearly communicate every minute detail of the patient to the doctor/ physician.

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