The job of a medical administrative assistant is to provide support to the professional trained medical staff and ensure that the hospital or medical facility is running smoothly without any problems. This job is very important as the medical administrative assistant is the point of interaction for the customers. Their performance is reflective of the overall level of service and care which is provided to the customers.

Job description

A medical administrative assistant has to perform all tasks related to the medical facilities administration. This mainly includes keeping a proper record of customers and maintaining their profiles and providing the customers with any type of assistance needed. Medical administrative assistant usually placed at a hospital’s front desk and therefore, he has to perform very efficiently and in a very friendly manner.

Job duties

The work of a medical administrative assistant requires the following jobs to be performed on a day to day basis:

  • Book appointments from patients
  • Arrange the patients in a proper line when they come to see the doctor
  • Maintain each patient’s medical record
  • Attend phone calls and respond to patients queries
  • Maintain proper cash register
  • Complete customers insurance claim forms
  • Greeting customers on entry
  • Assisting customers and guiding them to the proper doctor
  • Maintaining a good environment near the reception area


The work of a medical administrative assistant requires a person to have good people and management skills. This person needs to ensure that everything in the hospital is in place and running smoothly. The following skills are needed to perform this job:

  • Be good at dealing with people
  • Be good at multi tasking
  • Can handle situations of stress
  • Can keep the patients calm if unexpected delays arise
  • Have some data entry and record keeping skills
  • Knows basic accounting for billing purposes
  • Understands the requirements of completing insurance claim forms

Work environment

A medical administrative assistant needs to work in a very professional and well kept environment because the patients also form their quality of the medical service based on this environment. He or she should make sure that noise levels are kept low. The area should be kept clean and all the papers must be organized properly. The environment is also very professional because the other employees working there are well trained and highly educated doctors. Hence, it is very important for the medical administrative assistant to maintain a proper work environment.


A proper medical degree is not required for this position however the person applying must have an idea of medical terms and a basic know how of the medical facilities functioning so as to answer any type of queries. A bachelor’s degree in the management or two-three years of work as an administration assistant is preferable to have.

Tips for job

The job of a medical administrative assistant is very important as he or she has to ensure the daily functioning of the hospital and medical facility. Some tips that can help a person with this job are as follows:

  • Maintain decorum in the work area
  • Have a positive and friendly attitude towards patients
  • Cooperate with the professional doctors
  • Have proper documentation of all receipts, bills and claims filed for future reference

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