Mechanical Engineering is an exciting field with ample scope of career advancement. This involves designing and production of mechanical products keeping in mind the various parameters like temperature, pressure, humidity level etc. A mechanical designer is a qualified engineer who creates these machines with the help of computer aided design software (CAD). Mechanical designers are always in demand and constitute a large chunk of employed engineers in any manufacturing industry.

Job description

  • The job of mechanical designers typically involves interaction with project managers to start a project.
  • They have to understand the client needs for a new product.
  • Once the structural materials are finalized, they develop effective 3D models using AutoCad, Solidworks, Pro-e, catia, or Inventor etc.
  • The job also includes testing and adaptation of the models in accordance to changing temperature and humidity levels.

Once an introductory model is finalized, mechanical designers may have to present it to a project engineer for further approval. If approved, designers then sent it to the production department for mass production.

Job duties

A mechanical designer’s prime duty is to look the product development requirements of his company or organization. Additional to this, they have certain job duties , some of which are as follows-

  • To create and improve assembly drawings.
  • To solve complex designing problems keeping in mind the client product specifications
  • To work in perfect synergy with product development engineers to perform his duty.
  • To evaluate the documentation of a product before the operation of release.
  • To manage the prototype phase of a product for ensuring quality.
  • Engaging in meetings with product engineers that focus on design reviews


  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills to communicate their ideas and understanding client needs.
  • Ability to turn the sketch into 3D models with effective use of computer software.
  • Excellent time management to be able to deliver the product in time.
  • An eye of detail while designing and testing the prototype of the product
  • A basic understanding of the manufacturing process of a product.
  • To be able to take work related challenges

Work Environment

Mechanical designers normally work in an office setting where they can assess the product specifications to work out mechanical layouts. Employers prefer mechanical designers who have proficiency computer-aided design (CAD) software, for example AutoCAD. They may need to travel to production site to take measurement of physical aspects for machinery and scrutinize the production lines.


  • Graduates with the degree of mechanical engineering or mechanical technology in their kitty are qualified for this job.
  • Experience of over 3 to 5 years in designing and drafting is an added advantage.

Tips for job

  • Try to use Microsoft Excel VBA to reduce monotonous task of calculation while designing.
  • Mechanical designers should have clear conceptualization regarding their product design before making it into real in 3D.
  • Must be able to accept criticism in case of rejection of the assembly drawing.

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