A marketing coordinator is answerable to the marketing director and has to play a crucial role in boosting the growth of the firm. All firms have to engage in effective marketing campaigns because without good marketing strategies, the reputation of the firm is bound to suffer.

Job description

A marketing coordinator has to assess the different marketing campaigns and must come up with new ideas an terminologies that can help the firm in launching effective marketing campaigns. They have an important role to play in the firm because they work in tandem with the marketing department which thereby has a direct affect in the sales.

Job duties

The duties of a marketing coordinator are as follows.

  • Has to be actively involved in the different marketing campaigns that can help in promoting the business of the firm.
  • Must analyze the risk and threats that may arise owing to the marketing strategies.
  • Have to carefully dissect the details of the various marketing strategies and then come to a clear decision about the best strategies that should be chosen.
  • Should aid the marketing director in carrying out his tasks.
  • Should extract information about the best segments that can be tapped.
  • Should help in taking the best marketing decisions that can boost the sales volume.
  • Help in reputation management and should aid in online marketing as well.


There are various skills that are desired in a person who wants to apply for the post of marketing coordinator.

  • Should have sound marketing ideas.
  • Should have excellent communication skills.
  • Should have good oratory skills and must make smart use of such capability as well.
  • Should have a proper insight into the way the marketing arena functions.
  • Should be comfortable in working with a team.

Work environment

The marketing coordinator is a top level executive and thus he may have his own office. He may have various privileges like computer facility and teleconferencing equipments too. The work that a marketing coordinator does involves a lot of mental activity and thus they can get stressed easily.

The working hours are likely to be long and sometimes, the business meetings may continue for extra hours as well. This work involves a lot of meeting and you would have to interact with various people. So, the work can be strenuous.


The following qualifications can come in handy for a marketing coordinator.

  • A graduation degree is essential.
  • People who have a management degree in marketing are sure to have an extra advantage.
  • People who are conversant in different arenas of marketing are at an advantage too.
  • Must have sound communication skills.

Tips for the job

There are various tips that can help the marketing coordinator.

  • Always report important events to the marketing director.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines of the firm.
  • Have a healthy working relationship with colleagues.
  • Enjoy your work and explore about the details of marketing.
  • Always assess the potential threats and risk before suggesting a marketing strategy.

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