A marketing assistant performs a wide range of different types of marketing activities. They play a key role in the growth of a firm as they take care of the different projects and monitor the performance chart of the different employees. They compile a lot of reports that helps them in assessing the marketing activities.

Job description

The job description for marketing assistant includes the following details

  • The marketing assistants should carry out a lot of different type of research activities.
  • One must carry out SWOT analysis to analyze the different strategies.
  • They must monitor the sales level and thus come up with new strategies that can boost sales volume.
  • They must have sound knowledge of marketing principles.
  • They must be capable of writing reports and letters and newsletters and other documents.

Job duties

The type of duties which a marketing assistant has can vary widely. There are a lot of different tasks that must be carried out. Some firms may have a specific set of job duties, while most firms require such individuals to carry out a range of related tasks that can boost the growth of the firm. The duties include but are not limited to the following.

  • Find out the best marketing strategies that can suit the firm.
  • Analyze the different strategies and monitor the changes that have come up.
  • Must be skilled to write a lot of technical reports that can cater to the audience.
  • Must be able to understand the working details behind the bills and finances of the firm.
  • Have to assist in the growth of the firm by engaging in a lot of different media related promotions.


There are different types of skills that need to be implemented in this job type. The essential list is as follows.

  • They must have excellent communication abilities.
  • Must have good proofreading and writing skills.
  • Must be efficient in writing letters that adhere to the technical format.
  • Must know the basic operation of Microsoft office power point, Microsoft excel, Microsoft work and other related software.

Work environment

The marketing assistant would have to work in the corporate field. They would have an office of their own. Generally, such assistants are provided their cabin and they would get an access to a computer such that they can keep a track of the different marketing strategies.

The actual condition of working would differ from one firm to the other. But, the place should be well equipped and conducive for healthy working.


In order to grab the position of a marketing assistant, an individual must have the following educational qualifications.

  • A graduation degree is compulsory for people applying for the job.
  • People who have an MBA degree are going to get additional preference.
  • Any diploma degree in the field of management and marketing would come in handy.
  • Copywriting skills and abilities.
  • Work experience is always an extra advantage.

Tips for the job

A few tips can always come in handy for carrying out the work duties. These tips, if implemented in the right and orderly manner should yield good dividends.

  • Always look for new and creative ideas.
  • Bring a wave of freshness to the team.
  • Be willing to extend your help to other coworkers.
  • Make it a point to reach to your place in time as it displays your professional code of conduct.
  • Learn more ideas and implement them regularly.

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