A marine engineer is responsible for repair and maintenance of the engine of ships. They have the ability to provide an all round support for effective operations of those vehicles that run in water. As a matter of fact, marine engineers are placed in various capacities in the ships.

Job Description

  • Marine engineers have an expertise in the repair and maintenance work of different mechanical systems in ships.
  • In fact, there are different types of specialist engineers for handling mechanical equipments.
  • They are responsible for overseeing the construction and installation of various systems in the ship and deal with emergency repair if any.
  • Investigating the condition of systems and equipments that are present in machines.
  • Analysis of date for evaluating the capacity of machines.
  • Conduct the necessary research for designing and development of mechanical equipments that are to be installed in a ship.
  • Preparation of reports that are to be handed over to the required authorities regarding the technical problems and installation of new systems in the ship or a marine vessel.

Job Duties

  • The marine engineers are supposed to ensure that the repair work and replacement in the ship has been carried out with cost effectiveness.
  • Maintenance and checking of different controls and systems of a ship.
  • Establish liaison with other departments of a ship in order to ensure that the repair work has been done according to the specifications of regulatory bodies.
  • Inspect the machinery and systems that are present in the ship during regular intervals.
  • A marine engineer acts as a bridge between the captain of the vessel and the people at the shore in order to ensure that the operations inside the ship are being done according to specifications.
  • Supervising on the work of crew members or other personnel of the ship for performing emergency duties.


  • Ability to find solutions to problems quickly.
  • Should be able to provide judgments during important repair work.
  • Knowledge and practical application of engineering technology.
  • Understanding and knowledge of mechanical tools and systems.
  • Should have idea about machines and tools that are used in ships or marine vessels.
  • Should have responsibility towards duties that are to be performed for smooth operation of a ship.
  • Should be prepared to take challenges with immediate action.

Work Environment

The marine engineers should be on call while responding to duties. Generally, they have to work in extreme weather conditions where there is heat and noise. The marine engineers may have to travel for months together and remain in distant on shore or offshore locations.


Marine engineers should have Bachelor’s degree in marine engineering with specialization in mechanical systems and operations of ships and marine vessels. A Doctorate in marine engineering ensures advanced level of work.

Tips for jobs

  • Marine engineers should have an aptitude for science topics.
  • Active listening skills along with an eye for detail.
  • Should have honesty and integrity towards the job of handling mechanical systems.
  • Should also have idea about customer service.

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