In the past few years, there has been a rise of using different sorts of analysts including business process analyst, business analyst, system analysts and risk analysts. An effective project manager is a business analyst who can break the barriers of communication between the developers and the stakeholders. He analyzes the perfect ideal organization and implements various systems such as departments, businesses and organizations.

Job description

Business analyst or BA has a significant role in the development of software projects especially in inception of these projects. They work as a strong bridge or mediator for business end and stakeholders. Owners of business and developers talk with each other directly when there is no any process or formal structure occurs. The purpose of Business owner is to achieve the goal what they want in quick time while the developer gives the business owner what they want in short time.

Job duties

As a management analyst, you will have to perform various tasks which are mentioned below:

  • Collect and organize data on different procedures and problems.
  • Examine the data develop solutions or other methods to proceed.
  • Create management records program in order to safe, file up and retrieve the records and also to make sure of the compliance with that program.
  • Recheck reports and forms and confer with the users regarding distribution, format and purpose.
  • Identify problems and what improvements need to complete the project.
  • Develop manuals and give training workers for using new reports, forms, procedures and equipments on the basis of organization polices.
  • Study on work procedures and problems such as information flow, production methods, organizational communication, and analysis of cost and inventory control.


If you want to become a management analyst, you should have following skills and abilities:

  • Well discipline
  • Self motivation
  • Ability to work with the number of people working in organization
  • Analytical skills
  • Strong written as well as oral communication skills
  • Properly management of time
  • Good judgment for different problems and situations that can happen in workplace
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Creativity skills

Work environment

Management analyst normally performs his duties in both client and office site. Most of his job time is spent indoors in order to manage, clean and well organize office. He also travels in much time because he also needs to spend time with clients.


  • To work in private industry, management analyst generally requires master degree in related field
  • Government agencies as for bachelor degree when you go to apply for job
  • Private industries also require some experience in field in which you want to consult.

Tips for the job 

Getting idea about what kind of questions you will be asked in interview will not increase your confident but it will make you prepare for formulating your thoughts. These questions might include:

  • What is difference between role and policy of a business?
  • Why system analyst uses SQL?
  • What is meant by user stories and database index?
  • Explain user story life cycle

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