Maintenance Engineer is the person responsible for the routine check-up and maintenance of our machines and other mechanical equipment. Their work is either preventive in nature or is of critical maintenance.

Job Description

  • His main work involves manufacturing of products.
  • Production is another important job in his profile.
  • Transportation also comes under his niche working area.
  • They try and reduce the cost of production thereby enhancing the net profitability of the company.

Job Duties

  • The most important role of a Maintenance Engineer is that of increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing industry.
  • He develops new processes, which help in development of the processing industry.
  • Some other types of work pertaining to them are that of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic work, etc.
  • They develop strategies to increase the safety level of the work involved and the overall reliability of the plant.


Responsibilities and roles may vary from one manufacturing unit to another but some of the typical skills which a Mechanical Engineer should have are as follows –

  • Must be capable of designing strategies of different procedures and methods.
  • They must be able to plan and schedule both planned and unplanned procedures of work.
  • They should be able to diagnose the reasons of a mechanical breakdown.
  • They must be able to carry out quality inspections.
  • They must possess good liaising skills to deal with clients and customers.
  • They should be able to control maintenance of tools, stores and equipment.
  • They have to monitor and control maintenance cost in the production unit.
  • They should be capable of formulating guidelines on maintenance and installation strategies.
  • They should be thorough professionals and well trained technicians.
  • They must do a detailed study of the equipment, so that they are able to solve its problems, reduce waste and develop new efficient equipment.
  • They must possess the capability of training new operators and should have a proper understanding of their opinions too.

Work Environment

The working environment of a Maintenance Engineer depends on his site of work operations. If he is involved with maintenance of machines then his work will be pertaining to garages, workshops. He would be mainly involved in maintenance of motor parts. So he has to interact more with the mechanics and so his soft skills should be such that they are able to understand his way of functioning.

When repairs must be made sometimes they have to work in very hot or cold outdoor conditions. They have to work regularly under time pressure as production cost has to be maintained. They have to lift or move heavy machinery frequently. They stand, lie on ground, bend or kneel in awkward positions to be able to reach different parts of the machinery. They have to work in places with a loud noise, fumes and other hazards.

So we see that the Maintenance Engineers have to work under very stressful work conditions.


The basic qualification required for this job profile is as follows –

  • The person should be either a graduate or post – graduate in mechanical engineering.
  • Candidates having industrial training diploma can also be considered for this post.
  • An MBA degree would be an added advantage.
  • Knowledge and proficiency in computer usage is a must.

Tips for the Job

A person entering this job should be mentally and physically be very fit. He should be able to handle stress and work under pressure. Maintaining time lines are a must in this job as otherwise the production will come to a halt. He should be mentally very fit so as to avoid any dangerous accidents and be able to work under high pollution conditions.

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