Mail clerk is a very important position in the campus communication system. The mail clerk is the person who looks after the distribution of within the campus area. He supervises the activity and processes all incoming and outgoing mails from the particular area.

Job Description

Mail room clerk is the person who looks after the mail processing system. He arranges the distribution of parcels, mails, letters, postcard, courier and etc. If, he is attached to a post office he even looks after the distribution money order and supervises all incoming and outgoing mails from the office.

Job Duties

Read below mentioned points to understand the duties and responsibilities of the mail clerk.

  • Supervises the mail dispatching department. Opens every mail envelope physically or with the help of a machine.
  • Sorting all incoming mail is an important task he has to execute.
  • Puts stamp on the incoming letters. He stamps the date as well as time of receiving the mail.
  • Categories mail as per types.
  • Monitors un-send mails and returns them.
  • Checks all outgoing courier or mails from the campus.
  • Offers customer service


The person should possess some basic skills to work in the position of mail clerk. Read below to know about the skills required for this position.

  • He should be a very active listener. Must listens and understand others expectation.
  • Technical knowledge of handling a computer.
  • Effective communication skill.
  • Ability to read and write English properly.
  • Time management
  • Ability to think fast and manage crisis situation.
  • Good knowledge of the area
  • Ability to move material from one place to the other

Work Environment

Mail clerk works is an office environment. He is basically attached to the post office. But, now you can find mail clerks in the university campuses to handle mail distribution. Sometime he has to work on the field and supervise his junior staff. He has to work in the noisy atmosphere, where large machines are working, and others are sorting mails and etc.


In order to become a mail clerk an individual should have the following qualification

  • Diploma from any High school is essential
  • Diploma in clerical job is an additional advantage
  • Experience in mail processing department will help in the career growth
  • Knowledge of basic mathematics.
  • Must hold a valid driving license.
  • Must knowledge about the courier rates.

Tips for the job 

In order to excel in this job, just follow the tips mentioned below

  • You have to be physically fit.
  • You must possess a drive to learn and explore new areas of communication.
  • Willing to help your customer.
  • Ability to handle pressure.
  • Be flexible in approach and work in groups.
  • Knowledge of driving will help you in distributing the mails quickly.

A mail clerk can work for both private and public sector. If, he is working under a government department, he is bound to report to a post office of the area. Other areas, like college campuses, hostels or residential campuses may also have postal department to handle their distribution.

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