A Magazine editor has to take the responsibility of publication of magazine, which is informative, entertaining and must have news worthy articles. He decides the cover stories and the inner pages stories, which are to be published in the magazine.

Job description

  • They generate the news ideas for publishing news worthy stories in the magazine and supervise the journalists and other senior reporters.
  • They help in commissioning the news stories, which have been written by the freelance journalists.
  • Managing the staffs, while proofreading and editing the articles. They edit and proof read the articles if required.
  • Supervise the photographers regarding the relevant photographs to be used in the articles of the magazine.

Job Duties

A magazine editor has to perform hefty amount of work. Releasing a magazine requires a lot of arrangement. The major duties of a Magazine editor are as follows:

  • Suggest the possible layout of the magazine.
  • Generating the ideas about the news stories among the reporters.
  • Negotiating the payments of freelance journalists.
  • Managing the artwork of the magazine to make the look of the attractive.
  • They can reject the articles, which are not suitable for the magazine.
  • They deal with the legal issues related to magazine.


There are certain skills that you are must incorporate in yourself to be a successful magazine editor. The skills are mentioned below:

  • Specialization in the subjects can help you to be an editor.
  • Basic knowledge about computer and handling of different software of graphics designing is required.
  • Must have good writing and communication skill.
  • Must be a good leader, so that you can easily guide the journalists and reporters for collecting the news.
  • Must have updated information regarding the currents affairs and all other events that are happening in the world.

Work environment

A magazine editor has to work in an atmosphere, where meeting deadline is a prime criterion. They have to work late night, in order to meet the deadline. Moreover, during any emergency situation, they have to take actions very intelligently. During any riot, political emergency or any other type of conflict, there have to play an important role. Overall, it can be said that a Magazine editor has to take the onus of publishing the flawless magazine.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Journalism is the minimum educational qualification of an editor, however, graduate in other languages are also preferred.
  • Candidates with MA degree in journalism get preference in the field.
  • Certain years of experience as a reporter or journalist in any reputed magazine, will help a person to be a magazine editor.

Tips for the job

Following are the tips, which will help an individual to be a magazine editor.

  • The person must improve the writing skills.
  • They must enhance their thinking capabilities and must know how to analyze an incident to give it a news angle.
  • They must keep themselves updated with the news and incidents happening all around the world by watching television or reading newspaper.

The details, which are given in the above article will help an individual to be a successful magazine editor.

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