A literacy coach is a person who doesn’t own any classroom or students but he helps the often reluctant colleagues in their subject areas, teach them and make them better in math and reading. A literacy coach is also responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing the literacy programs in schools for facilitating learning and modelling of practice lessons using best possible learning strategies. The main aim of a literacy coach is to enhance the literacy skills and problem solving skills of the colleagues.

Job description:

The job of a literacy coach is to design curriculums and programs to help the students and staff excel. The job of a literacy coach is a really rewarding job. He needs to implement strategic ideas which would help the students the colleagues with writing and reading. He teaches the students about particular subjects and builds the literacy skills in them. The job of a literacy coach is highly reputed one in the market. The earnings are also good in this field and it is a respectful profession.

Skill Requirements:

There are many skills associated with this highly reputed profession of a literacy coach and few of them are as follows:

  • Passionate and full commitment towards the job.
  • Ability to guide and support students as well as adults in their working subjects.
  • Excellent skills of writing, verbal communication and interpersonal interaction.
  • Well- organised and patient.
  • Motivate the students as well as the working colleagues.
  • Good problem solving skills and collaboration skills.
  • Employ and use the most effective coaching skills.
  • Exhibit knowledge of totally standard based curriculums.
  • Participation in preparatory programs or courses of teaching and guiding is nowadays typically demanded.
  • Management skills such as time management and stress management.
  • To work under multitasking conditions and periodically upgrades respective skills.
  • Must be a confident personality and strategic leader.
  • Ability to handle technical work even if highly complex in order to fulfil challenging work conditions.
  • Good knowledge of strong content and subject matter.
  • Must be service oriented.

Job Duties:

The major job duties of a literacy coach may include:

  • Planning and scheduling the literacy classes and sessions.
  • To prioritize methods of teachings such as lecturing or discussing of concepts with the students or the staff members and prepare presentation materials as well.
  • Organize counselling for students as well as the colleagues.
  • Regularly supervise and enforce relevant actions of disciplinary.
  • Prepare the respective progress reports of the students as well as the programs conducted.
  • Keep a record of students’ activities as per the school policies and laws.
  • Demonstrate different learning strategies to the students.
  • Create a literacy and calm environment.
  • Assist the school’s curriculum personnel with the provision of services.
  • Assist teachers with developing and scaffolding of the instructions.
  • Provide the necessary material to the teachers as well.
  • Facilitate the literacy programs in schools.
  • Participating in the team reviews which concern with academic progress.

Work conditions:

The job functioning of a literacy coach demands customary and usual ways of delivering duties. The job is precisely performed in healthy and clean environment. The employee might need to supervise other persons as well, using standard practices or methods for building literacy skills in the students. The job along with the good salary offers constructive environment.

Tips for a good job:

  • Time management and organizing skills should be there.
  • Communicate with the students and the colleagues properly.
  • Take proper and efficient literacy sessions.

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