Lighting designers have to plan, focus, create, and plot, Dramatical and architectural lighting in houses, films, theatres, television, display stores, etc. While working for films, they have to work in association with the costume designers to get the proper dramatic effect.

Job Description

Some of the important work that they have to perform is as follows:

  • They have to bring out the appropriate mood of the scene by using their lighting accordingly.
  • They have to show the time and location just by their lighting.
  • They have to emphasize one area of stage to another by changing the lighting.
  • They either make the object on stage 3D or flat, with their lighting only.
  • They have to blend all the visual factors present on the stage.

Job Duties

The important duties of this profession are as described below:

  • They have to go through the whole script, and decide which type of lighting is required in which scene.
  • They interact with the director to get to know what type of effect the director wants.
  • They have to talk to the set designer, regarding what type of set will be there, and what lighting will be required.
  • They attend the rehearsals to get a feel of the script.
  • He has to decide which lighting instrument to use and where to place it.


The skills required are as discussed below:

  • They should know what tools they require for enhancing the lighting. They can even use a painting or a photo to set the mood.
  • He should be able to plan exactly where to place the lighting equipment.
  • Should know how to use direct and indirect light to produce a desired effect.
  • He should know how much light is required to achieve the desired effect.
  • He should know about the reflective properties of the light.
  • Should be able to use colors, and mix them appropriately to get some unique effects.
  • Should be able to use contrast with the surrounding.
  • Contrast has to be used wisely so that he can bring out the desired effect.
  • He should know which filters or gels to get the desired color effect.
  • He should be able to decide when to use a soft glow, and when a harsh light.

Work Environment

Their working conditions are as described below:

  • They either work from home offices or in theatres.
  • They are required to go to the event venue to set up the lighting.
  • They are required to use many different tools, equipment, etc.
  • They should follow the safety rules while working.
  • They are required to climb ladders, and go up by lifts, handle hot bulbs, and work with electricity.
  • They are required to work long hours to meet production deadlines.


The essential qualifications required are as follows:

  • Mathematics and drafting skills are required.
  • They must possess basic understanding of electricity.
  • They must possess good knowledge about lighting equipment.
  • Computer skills are required.
  • A bachelor or master degree in fine arts is required.

Tips for Jobs

Some useful tips for this profession are as follows:

  • Should not have fear of height.
  • They must possess creative and artistic vision.
  • Good communication skills are required.

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