The job of a life coach is to help educational specialists in converting clients and guiding them to lead independent adult lives. They provide support to those who are not sure about what to do in life. Life coach professionals help clients by setting them goal and helping them modify their behavior, by enhancing various actions that are essential to help them take control of their future.

Job description

  • Help the client set up priorities, constructive plans and goals for the future
  • Monitor progress of the clients and deal with any setbacks
  • Offer structured queries
  • Plan their future tasks
  • Make the clients conscious of their progress
  • Assess data on the progress of the clients

Like the normal counselors, a life coach has to use questionnaires to help clients decide on the best course to follow in life. The chief work is to evaluate their progress and help them gain in confidence.

Job duties

A life coach has various responsibilities towards their client. Some of the main ones are:

  • Execute life management and Personal Centered plans
  • Team up with educational specialists to guide clients
  • Interact with clients and mold the behavior of the clients
  • Collect data and record every progress made by the clients
  • Use various strategies to make clients understand their individual social skills
  • Adhere to training as well as development policies of the institute


It is very essential for life coaches to have some inherent skills to deal with clients who need a lot of guidance in life. Some of the essential skills needed include:

  • Great communication skills
  • Be good at motivating people
  • Good knowledge of human psychology
  • Be a good listener
  • Have interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Having lots of patience and the ability to handle clients from all backgrounds
  • Have IT skill
  • Good at engaging in critical thinking

Work environment

A life coach usually works at schools, hospitals, private institutes and government agencies. Many of them are also self employed or work with a group of life coaches. They have to work in-house.

The working environment is somewhat similar in all these places, as it is mostly dealing with people who need guidance to advance in life.


  • Bachelor, Masters or even Doctorate degree specializing in counseling
  • This post is also available for psychologists
  • Must have certification offered by International Coaching Federation and consists of ICF training program of 125 hour
  • Work experience in this field

Tips for jobs

These are some invaluable tips to help you make good progress in your job as a life coach.

  • Evaluate the progress of the clients continuously
  • Create a healthy atmosphere with the staff and the clients
  • A professional attitude is a must to gain the confidence of the clients
  • Learn new tactics and methods to help clients improve their behavior

Following these suggestions can assist in enhancing your career as a life coach.

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