The person who has the complete responsibility of supervising the complete library is known as the library director. The library director has many day to day activities like from budgeting, making the policy, overall planning etc. if you go through this article thoroughly, then you will understand in detail regarding the exact job of the library director.

Job description

  • They are basically considered to be the leader of the library and hence they occupy leadership position in the library.
  • The duty of the library director varies accordingly as per the library size.
  • They also look after the human resource duties.
  • It is also their look out to raise money for the library projects.

Job duties

To know about the library director in detail it is very important to discuss about their duties.

  • The library director should work with the library board. As the director of the library you need to report to the trustee board. The administrative support to the board of library should be given by the library director.
  • The president of the library is assisted by the library director.
  • The items for the agenda of the library should be distributed and prepared by the library director.
  • While preparing the annual budget of the library, it is the duty of the library director to help the board.
  • It is the duty of the library director to check whether the various services meant for the public could meet the desire of the public or not.
  • The library materials are collected under the supervision of the library director.
  • The library director should supervise all the library staffs.


The basic skills to be a successful library director are:

  • Should be able to examine and resolve all the problems.
  • A strong technological skill is required.
  • Well communicative.
  • Should be able to write well.

Work environment

The community the library serves is directly related to the work environment for the library director. The large libraries in the urban areas have many branches other than the small ones in the rural areas, and hence they are more disciplined.


  • Should have a proper professional library degree from a recognized university.
  • Should be proficient in public relations.
  • Should have the urge to learn new things.
  • Should be able to use computers.
  • The library director should know how to deal with the people and should have good customer care skill.

Tips for the job

It is advisable to all library directors that if you can go through these tips then, it may help you to excel in your job.

  • Enhance your writing skills.
  • Be very professional.
  • Behave friendly with the library members.
  • Respect your seniors and supervise the juniors properly.
  • Be tech savvy.
  • Know how to deal with various problems.
  • Try to enhance your skill in accounts as you will have to take part in budget making process.

Hope this article helped you in knowing about the library director in detail.

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