The job of a library assistant is helping the librarian with either computer work or in arranging books properly in shelves. They may have to work in schools, colleges, public library, etc. This is a very apt job for those who love reading books.

Job Description

The important jobs related to this career are as described below:

  • They are required to enter data in the computer.
  • They have to receive as well as issue books, if the librarian is busy.
  • They have to keep the books that have been returned in a proper manner.
  • They have to help the visitors in locating books, which are hard to find and also resolve problems related to computer operations.
  • They also help the blind people in locating books that are kept for them.
  • They have to draw banners and posters for the events that a library organizes.
  • Some of them who possess a valid driving license are required to carry the books in mobile vans to an apartment or shopping center to help the public take a review of the stock.

Job Duties:

Some of the important duties that they need to execute are as described below:

  • He has to maintain records regarding the issue and reception of books.
  • He has to maintain a data regarding the date of issue of books, and by when they have to return it.
  • They have to check the books for any damage or whether they have been returned within the due date.
  • He makes a list of books that have not been returned on time and follows up with the borrower.
  • He has to arrange the books in shelves according to their proper codes.
  • He has to help the members in locating any book or publication.
  • He issues library cards to the new members.
  • He has to keep the cards in a proper drawer.
  • He has to repair books that have been damaged, by using tapes, gums, etc.
  • He has to answer telephone calls if and when required.


The skills required for this post are as follows:

  • They should know about the unambiguous labeling of books as per the industry code of conduct.
  • They should be able to understand various media process and formats in which the information is stored.
  • They must possess good communication skills.
  • They must have organizational skills.
  • They should be able to pay attention to details.
  • They should be able to work as a team.
  • They must possess good IT skills.
  • They must know the health and safety regulations pertaining to the job.

Work Environment:

The working conditions of the library assistants are as described below:

  • They are mainly required to work in libraries, either government or private.
  • They have to handle books, lift them, move them, and arrange them. So they have to perform some physical labor jobs.
  • They generally have fixed working hours, and rarely have they to perform duties in weekends.
  • They generally do not have to travel for work.

Tips for Jobs:

The candidates who want to take up this job should keep the following tips in mind:

  • They should love to handle books.
  • They should be highly organized.

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