Library assistant is a person who is entitled to care about the books of library. He has to maintain the records of the books and check that what books are brought in. He is responsible to issue the books to the people and he receives the micro films, pictures, card etc. on the behalf of the library too. He has to manage the whole library in an organized way.

Job description:

The nature of job of a library assistant looks easy but in fact it is not like that. He is accountable for the whole affairs of a library. The job description of a library assistant is as follows,

  • He is responsible to compile the records of library.
  • He has not only to issue the books to the people but also he has to receive books, cards, micro films, pictures etc. on account of library.
  • He has to designed a complete pattern ho the books will be issued.
  • He is responsible to take proper care of library shelves and handle the stock of library.

Job duties:

A library assistant is bound to execute the following duties in his job,

  • He is responsible to lend and collect periodicals, videotapes and books at the circulation desks.
  • Sort books and other materials in the manner that is already specified for it.
  • Keep check who has not returned the book yet.
  • Tell patrons how he has to use the reference sources.


A library assistant must have some skills. These skills are mentioned below.

  • He must have ability to understand the written sentences and paragraphs in different work related documents.
  • He must pay attention to what other people are saying to him.
  • He should be service oriented. He should be always ready to help people in searching books.
  • Ability to manage his and other’s time.
  • He must be able to communicate effectively in writing.

Work environment:

A library assistant has to work with the people. A lot people visit the library daily and get the books. He is in continuous interaction with the people. In a sense, he works in a closed environment because he has not to move anywhere. He has to serve those people who come to the library only.


A library assistant is a person who has to manage the whole library so he needs some qualification for this job.

  • He must have knowledge of clerical procedure and he must have an idea of word processing, managing the files and record keeping.
  • He must have experience of writing and understanding the good English.
  • He must have knowledge of proving the services to the customers.
  • Speech clarity should be the part of personality of a library assistant. It is needed to deal with the people at library.

Tips for job:

The job of a library assistant is not so easy. So here are some tips that can help him in doing his job.

  • He should be organized and punctual in his job.
  • He should keep the record of all the books and other material.

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