The library aide is responsible for maintaining the library services and other duties assigned to him properly. The various duties of the library aide include assisting the patrons in locating a particular book, compiling records, issue books, etc. the library aide needs to be very responsible and very sensible towards his job as needs to be very attentive all the time.

Job Description:

The main job of the library aide is to compile records, issue the library material, shelve the book and receive back the library material like novels, pictures, slides, etc. The library aide helps the patron in locating the particular library material easily for loan. He completes his job by issuing the required material on the issued card according to title and identification number. The earnings are quiet good in this profession.

Skill requirements:

Some skill requirements associated with the job of a library aide are as follows:

  • Good communication skills and good information regarding the assigned duties.
  • Must be an active listener giving full attention to all what a patron is asking for.
  • Must have time management as well as stress management skills.
  • Must be respectful and trust worthy.
  • Must have ability to work for long hours.
  • Must have problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Strong learning strategies are also essential.
  • Must be service orientated which means he must be always ready to help the patrons in locating particular library material.
  • Must have leadership qualities in order to govern the work properly.
  • Critical thinking adds to another skill which helps in identifying the weaknesses and strengths of alternative solutions and approaches to the problems.

Job duties:

Job duties of a good library aide include:

  • Lend and issues the library material like novels, subject books, videotapes, periodicals, etc.
  • Updates the patron records on the issued card or computers.
  • Process new library materials including audio- visual materials, books, and many more other materials.
  • Sort all the library materials properly according to the established procedure and also return them back to their storage areas when returned back by the patron.
  • Instruct the patrons about the use of reference sources and card catalogues.
  • Compute the applicable fines at the time of return of the book.
  • Inspect the returned library material for condition and also the due- date status.
  • Perform all the clerical activities assigned like typing, filing, photocopying and mail sorting.
  • Take necessary actions to deal with the problem patrons.
  • Send out the notices for due or lost books and also accept the fine payments.
  • Repair the books if required using paste or mending tape.
  • Proper display of books.
  • Operate other small branch libraries.

Work conditions:

A job of a library aide often includes providing the patron with library materials like periodicals, books, videotapes, etc. a library aide is assigned to provide duties that include locating a particular book, issuing it and in case of late return taking applicable fines. This type of job demands entire dedication of an individual with complete attention. It even sometimes demands overtime work and odd hour presence for sorting books properly. The person need to work indoor.

Tips for a god job:

  • Must have good communication skills with lots of patience.
  • Well- organized and disciplined.
  • Should be regular to his job.

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