Legal advisor gives formal opinion regarding legal documents and activities inside a firm. If someone is interested in considering law as a career, job of a legal advisor is a good option. The legal advisors should find an opportunity to endorse business transactions of a business firm. They are employed by governments, big companies, small companies and also private companies.

Job description

Legal advisors are lawyers specialized in a particular field.
They are employed to prevent from any legal disputes in their clients’ companies.
While advising they must compare those cases with previous similar cases.
They should be able to apply those laws and terms on their clients’ issues.
Government may hire a legal advisor to counsel other law enforcements.

Job Duties

  • A legal advisor has many duties. Some of the most important duties are as follows:
  • They provide advises to the head of the legal services of a particular company.
  • The legal advisors manage both the internal; and external legal resources.
  • They give legal support to the company during company policies, disputes, employment, contracts etc.
  • These advisors read and review all the legal documents of a particular company and make sure they are properly made and drafted.


Strong analytical skill is needed.
Good oral and written communication is a must.
Intuition is necessary with a good decision making capability is required
Must have a strong knowledge of the law.
Discipline and punctuality is necessary.
Well organized nature with a grasp for knowledge is really helpful.
Time management is equally important.

Work environments

Legal advisors mainly work in offices. Various companies contact them for legal support and registrations. Either the advisor visits the company head or important individuals visit the office of the advisor regarding the issues. A legal advisor encounters clients from different fields. Generally, a firm/company ties up with a particular advisor. For that time being he handles all the legal activities of the firm.


Legal advisors must possess a college or university degree in law related field.
Along with that, they must have a master degree in the same subject.
They should attain licensure from the state before staring practice.
Experience is must before becoming a professional legal advisor. It is extremely difficult to handle various cases without prior experience.


  • For the job of a legal advisor, professionalism is a must.
  • Proper qualification is necessary. Because, without the qualification it won’t be easy to handle these law related issues.
  • Dedication to the job is extremely necessary.
  • Should work according to the clients wish.
  • For a successful career in this profession, sources are very important. The bigger the sources, the more popular you are.
  • Each and every case is different in this job. So, each one should be handles with intelligence and care.
  • As a legal advisor, all the basic laws should at the tips of one’s fingers.

It is expected that the following details produced should help an individual in pursuing excellence as a legal advisor.

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