Legal administrative assistants play a very important role, they provides high level legal administrative support for the general council and associate, they themselves serves and help the client by developing and monitoring there cases providing them with administrative and secretarial support under the supervision of the partners. In addition they also perform various responsible functions like secretarial, technical and many other related duties as assigned.

Job description:

Administrative assistant are in charge of doing a day to day analysis and provide all aspects of responsible legal and administrative support and other staff with the office of the general council. They also provide important clerical assistance to offices. Higher level assistant include more advanced duties. Their duties can vary greatly depending on the size of the office and also with the number of assistant present. They also arrange meetings or appointment, Travel accommodation and organize files. They need to be familier with office equipment, like fax machines scanners, videoconferencing system and photocopiers.

Skill requirement

To be a legal administrative and to get hold of the job one need to have the desired skill like legal administration skill, relationship with the clients should be maintained, fast administrative writing skill, telephone skill, word processing should be formulated without errors, research skills, analyzing information from various sources, verbal communication should be fluent, job knowledge should be there and clients confidentiality should be maintained.

Job duties:

  • One of the first and foremost duty of administrative assistant is to develops cases by interviewing prospective clients
  • discussing information with the partners regarding the job
  • helps the client by filling the claims for there respective medical payment coverage altogether keeping the clients informed with the work progress
  • gathers evidence by preparing personal injury files inserting information from medical records, clients witness statement etc
  • enhances the effectiveness of the partner by monitoring case progress, altering the partners regarding their issues, contributing information regarding team case review
  • updates their personal job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities by reading and learning professional publications

Working conditions

Usually working school, hospitals, corporate sectors, government agencies and medical offices. Their jobs often involves sitting for a long period. If they give lot of time in typing particularly at the computer screen, they may face problems of eye strain, stress, motion ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome. About 19% of secretaries work part time and many other work in temporary positions. A very few number of people participate in job sharing arrangements in which both the people divide the work for a single job.But the majority of administrative assistant are generally full time employees who work 40 hour week

Job tips:

The most important thing a new administrative assistant should do is to get to know his team, Introduce themselves to the team members and also to know the team members individually and find out what are the currents need of the team

  • increase personal knowledge regarding the company, the team and the industry visit and read through the company website, find out the detail about the company etc, if the company sends newsletters read them you may comment or ask questions according to your need.
  • they should be respectful to everyone they meet and require the same in return.

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