Leasing agents are a necessity nowadays especially in the real estate business. These are the agents who help the owners of a real estate to find suitable tenants. They also assist the owners in getting the leasing agreements done. They work on a commission basis. Hard working leasing agents earn higher commission in the industry.

Job description:

The main responsibility of a leasing agent is to search for potential customers and make them actual customers. For this purpose they have to establish good relationships with people they meet, and also their current and prospective customers. They also help the owners in the marketing process

Job duties:

  • Leasing agents have to manage incoming phone calls regarding enquiries and also make outgoing calls to prospective customers as well.
  • They have to provide correct information and also follow up with the customers.
  • It is the duty of a leasing agent to go along with the prospective customer to show them the property.
  • They have to prepare advertisements and assist in other marketing activities.
  • The leasing agents also negotiate with the tenants on the rent and the terms and conditions.
  • They also have to coordinate with the maintenance section in order to have the property fully maintained when the customer comes to see it.
  • Leasing agents have some administrative duties that include processing the leasing applications, leasing agreement preparation, collecting deposits, contract renewals, etc.
  • A leasing agent assists the owner in solving issues with the tenants.
  • They also have to coordinate with periodic inspection of the property.


  • Excellent communication skills are required for a leasing agent. He is the one who handles the correspondence and first point contact for the customers.
  • A leasing agent should possess good speaking and language skills as he is required to communicate with a number of people from different sectors.
  • He also should possess mathematical and reasoning ability.
  • Good organization and management skills are also necessary for a good leasing agent.
  • A leasing agent should be able to pay attention to each and every detail.
  • Negotiating and Marketing skills are required to be a good leasing agent. They should be active and alert too.
  • A leasing agent should have the ability to take initiative.

Work environment:

They work in a fast paced environment. They have an office of their own. But they are required to work outside the office too. They have to go around the properties for inspection and also to show them to the customers in all climatic conditions. The leasing agents also may have to work in a stressful situation.


  • A high school education or diploma is required to be a leasing agent.
  • Bachelor’s degree is preferred.
  • It is also good to have a professional certification.
  • Experience in sales is preferred by employers.
  • Some employers prefer leasing agents who have an excellent customer service background.

Tips for the job:

  • Always talk to the customers with a smile and try to be calm with them.
  • You should not be short tempered and should have enough patience.
  • Leasing agents should be able to satisfy the customers regarding their enquiries.
  • Try to find suitable time for the prospects to fix meetings.

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