A laundry attendant can do many different tasks depending upon the field of his work and his or her own skills. Most of the laundry attendant work at hospitality industry at resorts, hotels and their duties are to look after the cleanliness and hygiene of the specified region. A laundry attendant can also be someone who is working at a dry cleaning facility and who ensures that the dirty and used clothes brought to him/her are returned clean and fresh in a time.

Job Description:

Laundry attendant are responsible for collecting and washing the used and dirty linens from guest, rooms and other parts of the hotels. Moreover the purpose of laundry attendant staff is to coordinate the work done by the other staff of the laundry department in the areas of dry cleaning and production. He also has to supervise other laundry associates for the work done by them.

Skill Requirement:

-is able to work independently.

-is fluent in languages such as Hindi, English and any other regional language.

-is flexible with regard to time shifts.

-can carry heavy loads of linens around the hotel to the laundry section.

-is not hesitant to work on holidays and prolonged shifts if required.

-is customer friendly.

-is friendly with equipments and is able to operate them well.

Job duties:

The job duties may be as follows:

-counting and collecting the linens from different parts of the hotel and from guests.

– washing, drying, ironing and folding the collected linens.

-delivering the same cloth collected from guest and from different department to the respective places respectively.

-maintaining a record of the inventory of cleaning products.

-maintaining cleanliness in all rooms and the entire given section of duty.

-should respond to the request of the guests, supervisors and, management in an efficient and timely manner.

-Should maintain hygiene of the working equipment and the laundry cart.

-should ensure that the equipment, keys and other supplies issued each day are not tampered with and are returned to the supervision in good condition.

-should inform any missing article from the guest room to the supervisor.

-should inform and damage or mechanical problems to the respective department and also the supervisor in-charge.

-should maintain a dress code and should always be neat and tide and in a presentable manner and should be customer friendly.

-should maintain time of reporting.

-should follow other rules and regulation of the organization.

Working Condition:

The working condition of the laundry attendant is good.

He has to work in all environment of the hotel from guest rooms to the wet and humid laundry department.

Job Tips:

-Be punctual and proactive in doing the given work.

-Always carry a smile with you when you interact with the client.

-Do not take anything personally whenever any guest tells anything bad.

-Try to obey the orders of your seniors as far as possible.

-Try to do your job in the most efficient manner.

-Always be proud of what you are doing.

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