Kitchen stewards have to manage a lot of different tasks. They work at restaurants and have to be skilled in preparing meals and organizing the work staff. They may have to oversee the work carried out by other cooks as well.

Job description

Kitchen stewards have to check that the meals are prepared. They must be involved in making food and may also be required to clean dishes and serve meals as well. They need to check that the customers are served in the best manner and are thus a key member in boosting the growth of a restaurant.

Job duties

The duties of a kitchen steward are as follows.

  • They have to monitor the work of different cooks and ensure that they execute their duties diligently.
  • They need to inspect the kitchen place and check that it is hygienic and devoid of dust and dirt.
  • They need to be involved in hiring of new employees for the restaurant.
  • As per the requirements of the restaurant, they may have to clean the dishes and be involved in cooking as well.
  • They may have to assist the chef during rush hours.
  • They need to communicate with fellow diners and make them feel comfortable. Thus, they have to aid in hospitality management as well.


A kitchen steward must be equipped with the following skills.

  • They should be skilled in the handling of cooking meals.
  • They must be organized and skilled in handling a huge team.
  • They must be bound by time restriction. They should be efficient in handling the different works within the stipulated time period.
  • They should be skilled in assessing the performance of the different kitchen employees.

Work environment

The kitchen steward work inside the confines of the restaurant. They would have to handle the rush hours and the anxiety and stress associated with the work. Their work can be very demanding and thus they have to be cent percent dedicated to their job. They may have their own place in the restaurant however, for the most time; they have to stay in the confines of the kitchen and in the dining area.


In order to work as a kitchen steward, one must have the following qualifications.

  • A graduation degree is recommended.
  • People who have done hotel management courses can be recommended for the job.
  • Culinary skills can come in handy.
  • There are various diploma courses that can aid in excelling in the post of a steward. Such courses should come in handy.
  • Apprenticeship or training would always be provided at the restaurants before the work would begin.

Tips for the job

The following tips can help.

  • Make sure to assess the performance of all your subordinates.
  • You have to evolve in this department and must continuously strive to better your performance.
  • Make sure to check that all activities are carried out within the right time.
  • Attend to all your customers in the best way possible.

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