Their main job is to keep the kitchen in restaurant clean and safe for the chef. They may be required to cook some light food preparations.

Job Description

Some of the important work that needs to be performed by them are as follows:

  • They have to ensure that the kitchen tops are clean.
  • They may have to wash utensils and dishes to help the chef.
  • After the chef prepares the dish, the assistant is required to trash the leftover stuff.
  • They may be required to help the chef in food preparation like cutting, chopping, etc.
  • He might be required to do some light cooking like preparing toast, coffee, stir precooked food, etc.
  • They have to make sure that the silverware, glasses, plates, etc. are sparkling clean and ready for use by the guests.
  • For restaurants that provide home delivery, kitchen assistants may have to deliver the food parcels.

Job Duties

Some of the important duties of a kitchen assistant are as follows:

  • They have to assist the chef in kitchen work.
  • They have to assist in serving meal to the clients, guests, and other staff.
  • They have to help in the laying of table and clearing of table.
  • They help in preparation of beverages and also to serve it.
  • They have to wash and dry kitchen pots, utensils, etc. and store it at proper place.
  • They are required to clean the kitchen area.
  • They have to help in maintaining safety, health, cleanliness, food hygiene etc. to see that safe working practices are maintained.
  • They have to help in keeping stock of the kitchen items.


The skills required by these professionals are as described below:

  • He must be able to work in the kitchen with efficiency and must know how to maintain cleanliness.
  • He must be able to store food properly.
  • He must know time management skills.
  • He must have experience of cold food storage.
  • He must be able to carry out analysis of food safety operations.
  • He must be able to work with perfection in a busy work environment.

Work Environment

The working conditions of kitchen assistants are as discussed below:

  • The modern kitchens are well ventilated and have air conditioning. So they have quite a comfortable work area. If the kitchen is an old one, then he will have to work in small, smoky, and smelly environment.
  • During peak dining time, they are under tremendous pressure.
  • They have long work hours, from early morning till late at night.
  • They may have to work in shifts.
  • They have to work on weekends and on public holidays.


The essential qualifications required for this job are as following:

  • They should be secondary school qualified.
  • They should have completed a diploma in hotel management or in food preservation technology.
  • Having a few years of experience is a must.

Tips for Jobs

Some tips, which might be, useful for people who are interested in taking up this job are as follows:

  • They should be creative, and love to cook.
  • They should have cheerful personality, and enjoy entertaining.
  • Their main motto in life should be to serve with a smile on face.

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