Java developers are the individuals responsible for working on or programming JavaScript for sites they are responsible for working closely with JavaScript and handle and maintain all related jobs.

Job Description

  • Performing of specialized IT work under general instructions
  • Performing all detailed work related to technical and advisory functions of average IT assignments of moderate difficulty
  • Performing of analysis to determine feasibility of requirement and transferring them into Java EE based computer systems.
  • Ability to independently complete tasks with only minor problem solving related to higher IT level professionals
  • Acting as project leader of programming staff
  • Enhancing and development of systems applications using WebSphere and Java EE technologies
  • Analyzing and Coordinating enhancements in the program application to staff members
  • Development of detailed and general system designs

Job Duties

  • Development of system design and its documents to be further used in testing and coding the system application
  • Utilization of various languages for development of program
  • Developing and conducting tests to check performance of programs including interfacing programs and systems
  • Resolving any technical issue that arises through methods of investigation, research ad debugging
  • Assessing needs of the users through interviewing them and developing proposals for moderate level complex systems
  • Analyzing and reviewing of Java EE systems so that a detailed implementation understanding is gained of business functions, its identified problems and definitions of documents problem
  • Coordination of analysis and programming functions performed on the platform of Java EE
  • Providing guidance related to technical system information to the lower IT staff and providing them assistance related to specific work problems order to provide better subject matter processing by them.


  • Professional experience related to Java development of web based applications
  • Knowledge of the basic principles and concepts of Information Technology
  • Knowledge of the functions and theories of computer systems
  • Knowledge of the techniques and principles of Documentation of Information Technology
  • Knowledge of techniques, methods and procedures of system studies conducting related to enhancements and system conversions    
  • Knowledge of using the structure interaction diagrams and behavior of web based systems
  • Knowledge of imparting and gaining continuous knowledge from training provided in the company
  • The ability to logically analyze data in evaluation and defining of operational and technical problems
  • Ability of delivering technical information and knowledge to others in a precise manner through developed written and oral forms of communication

Working Environment

The job requires great mental and physical exertion and the candidate requires handling stress in challenging situations


  • Four years college degree with practical course work in the field of computer science or other direct relating field
  • Java development experience of at least two years as a professional

Tips for the Job

  • Collaborate with other people who are more experienced to gain extra knowledge of the job at your level
  • Learn through code reviews
  • Have people check your designed codes and let them find problems so that perfection can be achieved
  • Have fun in coding as it will bring out the hidden talent in you
  • Have a cool attitude towards stress situations

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