IT project coordinators usually work under project managers and their job is to make sure that specific areas of projects are completed smoothly. There are several duties performed by them throughout the year, it is difficult to point out specific ones. Mostly, a project coordinator in IT industry may manage independent contractors or help in daily tasks under the project manager.

Job description

  • IT project coordinators work as information technology professionals and they are responsible for many kinds of IT programs, projects and assignments.
  • They have to plan strategically for projects, portfolios and program management.
  • They have to align resources and skills
  • Control, manage and monitor projects
  • Fulfill all management requirements for programs, portfolios and projects.

The IT project coordination job involves many responsibilities and they have to complete many assignments all through the year. Their main job concerns managing and completing office portfolios and projects.

Job duties

Among the vast number of duties, some of them are as follows:

  • Offer technical assistance to Technical Project Managers and management in areas like project prioritization, request management, portfolio review on a daily basis and allocation of resource.
  • Research, accumulate and assess data for projects
  • Design and create configuration for systems according to customer needs
  • Liaison between MDMTMB and the user on project matters
  • Create, maintain, revise and manage project plans
  • Be aware of new technologies and techniques in project management


Every person needs some basic skills to help them be a good worker in their fields. Some of the essential skills needed by an IT project coordinator includes;

  • Having the ability to organize as well as synchronize the work of the other professional staff
  • Should be able to assign work on a priority basis to the other professionals in the organization
  • Should have a motivating nature to enhance performances among other professionals
  • Should be a successful communicator
  • Should have talent for multitasking
  • Being good at customer service

Work environment

Basically, all IT companies offer the same kind of busy environment, where you will either be on your feet all the time or in a sitting position in front of systems. Even though this line is not an easy one, you will be able to experience and learn new things. You will have to adjust to all kinds of situation and you will have to work long hours most of the time.

The working environment is that of any standard office.


  • Bachelor degree in computer science
  • Be skilled in methodologies like DSDM, XP and Scrum
  • Be familiar with Software Development Life Cycle
  • Three years of experience in IT field

Tips for job

Some tips to help IT project coordinators perform excellently and gain respect.

  • Should have high organization skills and be able to maintain and perform several tasks at the same time.
  • Have great writing and verbal communication skill
  • Should be able to manage a large staff and have good working relationship with them.
  • Should have the enthusiasm and energy to work long hours without getting stressed too fast.

These suggestions should help you gain a strong foothold in your working place and cement your professional relationship with your company.

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