Whether big or small, almost all companies of the modern world run on the supportive network of the software technology. Thus, the prospect doesn’t begin and end with the knowledge of the system and the relevant nuances of technology. There are needs for assessment and evaluation, as well. These give bones to the job of an IT Auditor.

Job description

The job with its focus on assessment involves the following principles:

  • Determining whether a house has enough options for a methodical base of system’s development.
  • Assess the standards followed with regard to the management of the data base.
  • The job involves the assessment of the safety protocols.
  • Providing guidance, and assessing the expanse, extent and maintenance of the safety features with regard to the network administration.

Job duty

The different facets of an IT auditor’s job duty include the following:

  • Reviewing the systems of the individual applications.
  • Checking out the nature and usability of the features of security control.
  • Asses if the features of controls are being properly managed implemented and executed.
  • The different parameters of the security are assessed.
  • Reviews are undertaken by the auditors for assessing and determining if the processing of data is being accurately done, according to the parameters of the security.

If a system is efficiently managed, according to the standardized features of safety, then only it can contribute to the prospect of profit making. The IT auditor’s job is to ensure, assess and streamline a group’s flow of technology.


The leading areas of expertise are the following:

  • An ability for multitasking
  • Critical insight with a perception for details
  • Ability in earmarking the threats to security
  • Acquaintance with the fundamental skills of auditing
  • The zeal for communication so that even some of the complicated nuances of technology may be given a simplistic analysis.

Work environment

They may be employed by an organization or take to the deals of self employment. Though the job is essentially desk bound, he needs to tour and travel quite a bit. Their schedule is mostly time bound. But there are times when he has to work late in the nights or use up the weekends.


What is essentially required is an avid knowledge of networking along with that of auditing. So, for the purpose of professional excellence, one should look for a program that offers a blend of the two. Several colleges and universities include programs on IT auditing with a specialized focus on the most recent pieces of technological development. These are some of the essential requirements.

  • Nuances and fundamentals of the software technology need to be within his finger tips
  • Bachelor’s degree followed by training in internal auditing is one of the requisites.
  • Certification or training in the auditing of the information system is bound to add to your base of specialization.

Tips for the job

Since one has to be completely focused on the latest offering from the field of information and technology, it is important to insist on the following conditions:

  • The need for continuing education.
  • Focus on expanding knowledge about systems, networking and database.
  • Be well aware of the latest features of software protection.

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