Modern generation is termed as the generation of computers and an IT analyst is required for any organization. An IT analyst is a person who develops, understands and configures all the computer applications. The task of implementation and support is also one of the major responsibilities of IT analyst. In short he is the master of computer related apps and computer connecting modern gadgets.

Job description:

Management of computer related soft wares and programs is the main task of an IT analyst. The basic step is to reduce the cost and manage multiple things single handedly. Analysts analyze the problems for the overseas implementation. This implementation costs less and sometimes it is totally free of cost.

Job duties:

The basic duty of IT analyst is to analyze the systems and deduce. This deduction is based upon some calculations and it is meant to infer whether our computer can fulfill the needs of our business.

To mark the business goals through management techniques

IT analysts are meant to inform us about the needs and updates related to our business periodically or on a regular basis.


A good IT analyst possesses strong communication and interacting skills. It is the basic necessity of this particular field and the field is related to business so one must have good business management skills. Knowing about the modern business techniques is good for professional IT analysts.

The need of IT analysts is increasing day by day and they are facing high pressure work-load. Good IT analyst must be able to handle the tense situation.

The whole system is based upon computers, so being a master of computer skills is very necessary.

Different projects are assigned to multiple groups. The purpose is to analyze the problem and find the solution. Project management skills and techniques are necessary to handle such situations.

Work environment:

IT analysts usually work in an office or work environment. Regular and constant work is required to achieve the goals in this advanced field. Business is sometimes full of stress and it is directly handled by IT analysts. So they have to be well familiar with working in stressful circumstances. Team work strategy is important for a successful IT analyst.


As this is the field related to computer and modern technology, bachelor or master degree in computer sciences is necessary for this post.

Beside this degree additional experience is also needed. Experts recommend the experience of 3 to 4 years.

Additional courses related to IT and computers are also necessary.

Relevant and up to date knowledge must be earned throughout the life. It can be strived from anywhere but the best source is internet.

Tips for the job:

Improving communication skills is the best thing for this job. It will help to get early promotions there will be advancement opportunities for the worker.

Knowledge about the field is the key point for progress.

Handling stressful situations can earn us better projects which can play a great role in our progress.

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