An interactive designer is a profession related to the web world, and an individual working in this capacity is responsible for possessing the design of the web interface, which is visible. These professionals have a background in graphic design pertaining to the standards of the industry and the web world. They have specialized skills in various types of designs.

Job Description

  • An interactive designer works along with the team and responsible for the work of website development along and website applications.
  • The designs, sketches and interfaces of interactive designers are prepared only after consulting with clients.
  • Ensures that the website design is prepared by keeping in touch with the current trends.
  • Should have excellent concepts about all aspects of web development.
  • Knowledge of servicing and maintenance of client websites.
  • Should be able to instill creative ideas while designing a website.

Job Duties

  • An interactive designer should work in close association with the project manager for organization of strategies along with implementation of the same. In other words, these designers should work in collaboration with an entire team handled by a creative head and project manager.
  • The interactive designer has to communicate with the group head in order to think of ideas that will lead to the formulation and conversion of traditional media into digital media.
  • The graphics, animation and user interface of a website is designed and prepared by an interactive designer within the opportunities provided by the group heads.
  • They are also empowered with supervising the junior designer team for website development.
  • An interactive designer should have skills of innovation for incorporating some designs that are interactive thereby enabling the animation team to instill life in that design.


  • An interactive designer should be agile and smart with good thinking capabilities.
  • The strategies of an interactive designer should be empowered by loads of motivation power.
  • The workflow of these designers should be substantiated with creative pursuits.
  • The area of performance of the interactive designer changes extremely fast. Therefore, an interactive designer should have knowledge about the recent changes or remain updated about the changes in this industry.
  • Should be able to gauge the requirements of users while carrying out a website development work.
  • Must have the ability to interact with the team of website development along with the group heads or senior management involved in this project.

Work Environment

The interactive designers have to perform their duties under pressure as they work within the strictures of deadlines. Although they are supposed to offer their services 40 hours per week, they might have to stretch their duty hours for meeting deadlines.


The interactive designers should have a degree in Website design and development along with the skills of computer programming. The range of qualification and knowledge of interactive designers should increase with advanced level work.

Tips for jobs

  • Should have creativity and imaginative skills.
  • Should have knowledge of technical processes along with computer technology.
  • Should have an eye for detail.
  • Should have interest in digital technologies.

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