An Intake coordinator works in a hospital, clinic, health care organizations or care homes and is responsible for registering and admitting patients into the organization. They perform a myriad of other duties search as patient background check, insurance claim settlement, paperwork, etc. Intake coordinators act as a front face of the healthcare firm as the patients initial interacts with them. Due to ageing population and rise in diseases, need for healthcare services and medical professionals such as intake coordinators is on an increase. Intake coordinator is a good career option for people who aim to build a long term career in healthcare or who aim to do something for the welfare of others.

Skill Requirements

  • Must have very good communication skills which includes written as well as spoken. Must have effortless knowledge of English language and local language of the locality.
  • Calm and poised attitude to deal with difficult patients.
  • Must have basic to intermediate knowledge of various medical terms and procedures.
  • Should be able to handle stressful and people sensitive situations.
  • Gentle and helpful nature and attitude.
  • Be able to do analysis of a patient’s history and appropriately take a decision.
  • A pleasant personality and be able to intermingle with people from different backgrounds.
  • Extremely proficient with computers, healthcare related systems & databases and data entry softwares.

Job Duties

  • The main duty of an intake coordinator is to register patients at a healthcare organization for appointments, admission or medical procedures.
  • Entering data related to details of each patient visiting the organization into the computer.
  • Interview the patient and understand his needs and requirements. Go through all the medical files and related paperwork of the patient. Based on self-judgment and advice from seniors either admit the patient or suggest a suitable alternative.
  • Take phone calls from concerned persons and solve their queries.
  • Liaise between the patients, insurance companies and healthcare professionals with regards to insurance claims and its processing.
  • Doing an assessment of individuals to be admitted in case of foster homes or care facilities. Checking if the individual has the specific need of being admitted.
  • Ensure up to date and accurate paperwork and documentation of all the facts and details.
  • Following up with patient referrals provided.
  • Supervise junior level staff.

Work Conditions

  • Desk work from hospitals or clinics or old age homes or mental asylums or foster care homes or community care facilities or orphanages.
  • Weekend work may be necessary.
  • May be required to work in round the clock shifts.
  • Travel is limited. May have to travel to patient’s home (generally within the city) for paperwork or validation.

Educational Requirements

  • Graduate in any field of education – Required. Those who have completed a graduate or a bachelors program in science or psychology or nursing will be preferred.
  • Post-graduation degree or diploma or MBA in social work or healthcare management or healthcare administration or counseling or human psychology will be preferred.
  • Candidates having previous experience as an intake coordinator will be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Be patient and understand the case of each patient in detail.
  • Do not take decision in a hurry. In case of confusion consult the superiors.
  • Always greet the patients and co-workers with a smiling face.
  • Make the patient comfortable with light conversations.

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