The main job of an Instructional Designer is that he is the person responsible for making the learning experience more informative and enjoyable. As we know that, the learningprocess has nolimits and no boundaries. In this aspect, his role comes into play. He makes the learning process interesting. He makes possible for students to participate actively in the learning process.

Job description

The important aspects of this job are described as follows –

  • His work is not just to make power points or slides of the different subject material but to make the whole learning experience more active one and informative at the same time.
  • He has to work in close contact with subject matter experts, and plan accordingly as to what the students need to learn.
  • He notes down the objectives of the topic and sees to it that the content matches those objectives.
  • He has to prepare teaching aids or visual aids so that the students are able to learn online or by the process of e- learning.
  • He develops various assessment sheets of the contents.
  • Nowadays we are confined to face to face learning. He has to change this type of learning material into e- learning format.

Job duties

  • His main duty is to design and develop the learning process.
  • They develop learning objectives for the students.
  • He plays an important part in allowing his client or organization to communicate effectively with the general public.
  • He needs to brainstorm strategies.
  • He needs to implement strategies and review their effectiveness.


The important skills that he needs to possess are as follows –

  • Most instructional designers are teachers by profession.
  • They must have skills to make a visual art not just aesthetic but also to make it informative and user friendly.
  • He must be able to understand the different learning needs of various age groups and modify the content accordingly.

Work environment

The work environment differs from the organizations that he is working.
They can work in various organizations like in schools, e-learning vendors, corporations etc. He might be working in different social media or Wikis etc. If he is working in an educational institute, then he has to work mainly with teachers and faculty. If he is working for the state, then he has to work with vendors who create the courses. Many corporates hire them for the training of their own employees then in such a setup he has to give in-house training. If he is working for external client, then he has to keep in mind the deadlines given. These pressures and deadlines affect the intensity of the workplace environment. In smaller organizations, they have to perform the work of designers, graphics experts, editors, etc.


The qualifications, which are generally found in Instructional designer, are as follows –

  • Mostly they come from teaching background and are qualified teachers.
  • As they must be subject matter experts, they are post graduate in various subjects.
  • They should have a diploma in graphic designing so that they can make the e- learning contents.
  • Knowledge of HTML is a must.

Tips for the job

Some basic tips for a becoming successful in this job are that one must always be in continuous learning process as learning has no limits. He should work according to the client he is working for.

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