An instructional coach is any individual that provides training and help to his students. He can work in a lot of different field ranging from education to sports. Generally, instructional coach often refers to the coaches in the field of education and studies as they take care of the students and aim at boosting their performance.

Job description

The main work of an instructional coach is to help the students perform better and reach their target goals. They check the lesson plans, prepare good strategies and boost the performance of the individuals. They can thus raise the efficiency of a learning program tremendously.

Job duties

The main duties that an instructional coach has to perform are as follows.

  • They need to monitor the work done by teachers and help in boosting the performance of the teacher profile.
  • They must come up with good resources and lesson plans so that the students can benefit from the lessons.
  • They should research well into the different fields and come up with good ideas.
  • It is their duty to assess the performance of each student and then analyze the type of strategies and teaching ways that can help them.
  • They must explain their strategies to the different members of the school and college body and thus better teaching ways.


The different skills that an instructional coach must have are as follows.

  • Should be skilled in communication skills.
  • Should have the ability to inspire people.
  • Should be skilled when it comes to motivating people to achieve their targets.
  • Should be aware of the best teaching strategies.
  • Should have a good way of assessing the performance of different students.
  • Should be skilled in efficiently organizing the work plan of different teachers.

Work environment

An instructional coach may attach himself with a single institute or can work with multiple institutes as well. The type of job facilities that they would get would depend upon the institutes. They serve a pivotal part and thus they need to be engrossed in a lot of activities. Hence, they have to be agile, must have a positive framework of mind and needs to handle the stress of the work. They may have to sit for long hours on their desk.


The following qualification can come in handy for an instructional coach.

  • Should hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants who have a master’s degree related to management are recommended.
  • Any type of diploma course in the field of motivation and management is sure to come in handy.
  • There are various certifications for communication skills. Such certifications can be useful.

Tips for the job

The following tips should be extremely useful.

  • Should be sincere in carrying out his duties.
  • Should stress on the performance graph of weak students.
  • Should carry out extensive research in the field of education and try to come up with new methods.
  • Should look in the details of the bets ways of analyzing the performance of teachers and students as well.

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