The person who assists the teacher in different performances and works under the direction of the principal for about two to six hours per day during school time is known as the instructional aide.

Job description

  • The most important work of the instructional aide is that he or she works as the helping hand to the class instructor. So, he or she is also known as the teaching assistant.
  • The instructional aide offers special notice to the students and also controls the students.
  • Providing extra help and taking attendance in the class are the two major works of the instructional aide.

To know in detail about the job of the instructional aide we should learn more about their job duties.

Job Duties

Here are the lists of the job duties of the instructional aide.

  • Receiving and checking all the instructional materials as well as setting up and operating all the audiovisual activities.
  • Keeping all the materials in the library properly and making a photocopy of all those materials for providing them to the students.
  • The spelling and the objective tests of the students are corrected by the instructional aide.
  • The homework of the students is checked by the instructional aide along with recording their grades.
  • Taking regular attendance of the students.
  • Arranging the bulletin boards.
  • Helps special students.
  • Assisting the field works and group discussions.


There are certain basic skills that are required to become a successful instructional aide. In this article, we will discuss those basic skills of the instructional aides.

  • A proper and strong communication skill is very important because they will have to constantly communicate with the students.
  • They should be a very good listener. They should listen very carefully and attentively what others say.
  • They should have the power to adjust to others properly.
  • Punctuality is a must for them.
  • They should also have a negotiating skill so that they can bring the students together and can resolve the differences.
  • They should be able to solve the entire complex problems single-handedly.

Work environment

The instructional aides should be able to work in different working environments like the primary schools, crèche, child care center, etc. But it is found that mostly they work in primary or elementary schools. They should maintain a very friendly environment with the students. They should become a bit strict whenever it is required.


  • There should be a proper Diploma or Degree from a recognized university.
  • Extra years of experience will be beneficial in this case.
  • Should be able to handle the children properly.
  • Should have a proper appearance and gestures.

Tips for jobs

By following these tips one can very easily become a successful instructional aide.

  • You should maintain a proper and healthy relationship with the students. Try to understand their needs and problems.
  • Always think about the student’s safety.
  • Always be positive and energetic.

Maintain these tips and you will surely be a booming instructional aide.

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