The information technology director job was created to design, install, configure, repair and maintain network systems. He or she has a very vital role in making decisions related to information technology as well as technology vision of the firm. The general IT structure is devised by the information technology director.

Job description

  • Assess the requirements of various departments in the organization.
  • The development, execution and usage of technology of the organization have to be managed.
  • Recommend solutions for effective technology usage.
  • Modifying existing information processing system to meet business needs.
  • Have discussions with project heads, chief departmental heads and business unit manager to determine particular IT requirements.

Job duties

The information technology director holds a very important position in the organization. He or she has to deal with various matters which are essential for the success of the organization. Here are some of the key duties.

  • Has to lead the IT team of the company for daily operations of IT infrastructure.
  • Work independently under company guidelines to accomplish objectives.
  • Has to work closely with network architects, software developers, hardware technicians, web developers, database administrators and help desk work force and allocate tasks.
  • Liaises with external vendors, software developers, outsourcing partners and IT suppliers to purchase IT assets.
  • Ensure smooth running of the IT firm
  • Have purchasing skills to get the best deals in procuring hardware and other systems.


Like every other job, the IT director should also have expertise; after all, he or she will be running an IT firm. For things to move in a smooth way, he or she should have the following talents.

  • Have the needed ability to lead IT teams.
  • Manage multiple projects professionally.
  • Possess excellent communication skills in writing as well as verbal.
  • Can meet deadlines and work well under pressure.
  • Have excellent problem solving and analytic skills.
  • Takes initiative to develop and complete projects.

Work environment

Work environment in IT fields are more or less very similar and it is normally hazard free. However, it requires dexterity with fingers, as using computers is an essential part of the job. Generally, this job involves 50% sitting, 25% standing and 25% walking during office hours.

Hence, you will find the environment in IT fields a very busy and demanding one, than in most other firms.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computing science or equivalent experience or education.
  • Advanced managerial credentials like CISM and PMP.
  • Ten and above years in IT field in a multi office atmosphere.

Tips for job

With past experience in IT fields, tips are not actually required by information technology directors. However, these are a few suggestions which can enhance this career even more.

  • Work independently to reach company’s goals.
  • Utilize resources skillfully.
  • Manage funds effectively.
  • Set priorities
  • Form effective relationships with other managerial staff, vendors and other staff.
  • Flexibility in working with the IT team.

These tips may be instrumental in helping ygou establish yourself even more in your organization.

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