Nowadays, every organization stores its precious data in the digital form either online or offline. The most important task is to secure this data from unauthorized access, manipulation, inspection or disruption and this process is known as information security. For this purpose, information security analyst is hired by the companies to secure their information and digital networks.

Job Description

Information security analyst is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring any security measures for the protection of digital data and networks. It is the job of security analyst to analyze any loopholes in the security plan of an organization and to ensure the protection of all digital data. He has to prepare an contingency plan in case of any possible threat to data of an organization.

Job Duties

The job duties of an information security analyst are as follow:

  • The main task of an information security analyst is to secure all the important information of an organization.
  • He is also responsible to make sure that network within an organization is protected from any unauthorized access.
  • Information security analyst has to prepare reports after analyzing current security measures of the network on the regular basis.
  • It is also responsibility of an information security analyst to provide the training to employees of the company regarding security measures of information they store or communicate.
  • He has to ensure that all the systems used for the security purpose of data within an organization are current and up to date.
  • Documentation of all information within a company and security plan associated with it is also key responsibility of an information security analyst.
  • Monitoring information systems and networks of an organization also depend upon an information security analyst.
  • All information regarding security standards, policies and procedures are published and practiced by the security analyst of the company.
  • He has to work with the team of IT management department along with the legal and law enforcement department of the company.


Information security analyst should be capable of making detail analysis regarding security measures and network status of the companies. He should be capable of reading and understanding comprehension in detail.

Information data analyst should have ability for critical thinking and identifying the possible problems in the network or any other security issues. It is also important for a security analyst to listen and understand what other people are saying and should ask question when it is important to. Information regarding all the latest security software is also important for an information security analyst to perform his or her duties in a most effective manner.

Work environment

Information security analyst has to work in various working environments. As all organizations secure their data in the form of digital data thus, information security analysts are required in the government departments, different departments of military, financial institutions, corporations, medical facilities and other private business entities.


The basic qualification required for an information security analyst is BS in computer sciences, IT or Management Information Systems or Advance degree in the respective fields. More than five years of experience is usually required in the field of information security, network security and internet technologies. Person should be experienced in the network penetration testing, security policy department risk analysis and application vulnerable testing assessments. Other certifications that can help to acquire the job conveniently include GIAC, CISSP and other certification in the data security.

Tips for the job

Nowadays, every organization is digitalizing its information, and the latest technologies are being used for this purpose. Thus, requirement of an information security analyst increases with the time and it is also recommended to acquire higher degree in information systems like MIS. This will help you to understand the latest technologies and to determine the possible threats to the system in a more appropriate manner.

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