An industrial engineer is responsible for monitoring that the right production levels are met in an industrial environment. An industrial engineer has to ensure that work is efficiently carried out and thus the right levels of out puts are produced. The engineer spear heads the production and ensures that they adhere to the relevant production standards.

Job description

A typical industrial engineer may work in a firm where machines are being used in production. They have to ensure that the goods are produced at the right rates and highest quantities. They have to ensure that the machines are at the best efficiency so as to ensure that the cost of production is within the stipulated budge

Job duties

Duties of an industrial engineer include

  • Handle day to day production issues with machineries
  • Perform administrative duties such as maintain the human labor record
  • Confer with other department heads to obtain and provide information regarding specific productions
  • Liaise closely with all departments on fulfilling delivery requirement
  • Liaise and purchase raw material s from suppliers
  • Lead, train and guide the production team
  • Hands on when required at times of emergencies
  • They have to blame the resources of productions and use it for the firm to optimize its profits
  • Plan and organize the daily production activities
  • Design and supervise new projects
  • Production planning, scheduling for manufacturing equipment.
  • Work closely with departments for process improvement and product quality assurance
  • Enforce and implement the ISO 90001:2000 Quality Management
  • Proactive, innovative, team player, analytical, with strong business acumen


An industrial engineer must possess the following technical and personal skills

  • Good personality and interpersonal skills
  • Computer skills, including MS Office,Power point,etc
  • Able to work longer hours when required
  • Understand the concept of Lean Manufacturing 5’s and TQM and TPM
  • Experience in Welding Inventory Control and ERP system will be advantage
  • Strong in computer literacy
  • Hardworking dynamic and enjoy challenges

Working environment

An industrial engineer works mainly in a factory floor where production normally takes place. An engineer has to be in the factory of site to attend to emergencies during production. Sites may vary from one engineering job to another. Normally an office would be set aside for an engineer in the workshop or site to operate in.


To be a an industrial engineer one has to have the following qualification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or a related engineering field
  • Preferably 2 years exposure in the HVA industry, though fresh graduates are encouraged to apply
  • Those who have carried out research in particular field have added advantage

Tips for the job

The following tips are helpful for a production engineer

  • Try and continuously assess the situation and progress of projects
  • Keep healthy relationship with all co workers
  • Be punctual and display professionalism in site and out of site
  • Keep tracking all news in field of production
  • Interest in taking details in projects.
  • Honesty and trust worthiness
  • Networking abilities

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