Industrial designers are constantly innovating new thing that changes our life. Driven by innovations the industrial designer keeps the market trend moving on. They work in coordination with the businesses and manufacturers to make a better product for us. They strive to make user friendly products which are attractive to customers.

In this position you may require to design products that range from simple common tools to the latest sophisticated car model. There are many Industrial design engineers who love to work on a single kind of product. However there are some who stretches their innovations to all kinds of products. The application and scope of industrial designing is almost endless. The positions in this field were expected to grow at a normal pace. However a career in this field could be exciting for those who like to create new things, can understand the demands of the market and need of the customer. Industrial designers work in a variety of locations. They are not just packet in their office. They are sometime required to work in their client’s home or design centers or showrooms. Depending on their working and positions the industrial designers have flexible schedule.


In an industrial deigning job the candidate will be responsible for the following kinds of responsibilities:

  • Working in co-ordination with the clients to prepare a blue-print of the required design.
  • The industrial designer prepares sketches of ideas, blueprint or illustrations with the help of drafting instrument or any sophisticated computer aided design program or software.
  • The industrial designer is responsible for directing and implementing the fabrication of models and samples
  • The industrial designer also takes care of the drafting of working drawings and also specification sheets from sketches.
  • To confirm with customer specification and needs they are responsible for modifying and refine designing using working models.
  • They are required to keep an eye on product limitations and changing trend
  • Establishes co-ordination within several departments such  as engineering, marketing and production with the customer needs and wants.
  • The industrial designer seeks and evaluates the feasibility of the product
  • Is also responsible for providing cost-estimation based on their research on production materials and manufacturing method and quality
  • The industrial designer monitors the designs of the product to keep the quality and he manufacturing method.
  • They are responsible for developing industrial standards in every process such as designing, manufacturing and production.


  • TECHNICAL SKILL:  The industrial designers are expected to have a niche for technology. This is because they have to work in co-ordination with  the engineers and other technical departments to design any project. With recent advent of technology the professionals are expected to have good knowledge of computer aided design and other new upcoming software and tools
  • CREATIVITY: The industrial designers need to be creative as their prime role requires that. They need to stretch their imagination in accordance with the customer need to design new products and to improve the existing ones.
  • TEAM-WORK : being a good team player is key to success in this field as the industrial designers work in co-ordination with engineers and planers to launch a new product or improve an existing one.

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