Compilation and updating of personnel record happen to be the quintessence of a human resource assistant’s job. The job personal not only collects and updates data but also maintains them in a separate file. The obvious purpose is to provide information to the different persons in authority.

Job description

The leading features of a human resource assistant’s job are the following:

  • Tracking personal details of each and every employee.
  • The changes with respect of address, employee status, administrative position, perks and remunerations are duly updated.
  • The employee productivity ratio, weekly earning, the frequency and rate of production is supposed to be maintained by a human resource assistant.
  • Suggesting and ensuring the steps for resourceful development of the different employees is another facet of its responsibility.
  • The job involves effective role play regarding the enhancement of productivity and that of the quality of the generic work culture.
  • Matters relevant to recruitment are partially managed by him.

Job duties

The personal is not only in charge of tracking, tabbing and maintaining the database, but has important roles to play regarding the following aspects:

  • Explaining the policies, programs and incentives of employment to the appointed workforce.
  • Dealing with the reports of the applicants and reaching out to them with the possible conditions of incentives and working is another of their duty.
  • Evaluation of performance, processing of data regarding performance categorization and handling issues of grievances comes under his job perspective.
  • The training program both internal as well as, external is handled by him.
  • Informing the applicants with regard to their appointment includes his responsibility, as well.
  • Tracking vacancies and posting advertisement for the purpose of appointment is yet another aspect of a human resource assistant’s duty.
  • Developing and implementing the new strategies of learning with a focus on employee resourcefulness includes his job perspective.
  • Editing of the drafted reports and ensuring a hassle free management of the different facets of public relations includes the other areas of consideration.


The job involves skillfulness in the following areas:

  • Social perception
  • Interactive ability
  • Monitoring and evaluating
  • Coordination
  • Helpfulness
  • Diplomacy & patience
  • Accommodative and adaptable

Work environment

As a human resource assistant, one can expect desk bound work. It is more a mental process of administration and implementation rather than the involvement of physical labor. In general, the job demands extensive and frequent interaction with the public.


The educational eligibility of this job type includes the following:

  • College level program in personnel management, public relations and the other relevant fields of administration.
  • The criteria of selection tend to vary with organization. In certain cases, it is possible to make it as a human resource assistant with a senior secondary diploma.
  • The successful clearance of the ‘General Equivalency Diploma’ makes one eligible.

Tips for the job

  • For the purpose of career growth and development, it is important to hone one’s skill in computing.
  • Efforts need to be put in for gathering additional expertise in computer, systematic orientation to the management of the database and the other chisels of resource development.

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