The job of a “human resource analyst” generally falls under a broader concept of Human Resource Managers. The employees in this job conduct and supervise a variety of human resource assignments. The work involves classification, compensation, selection, interviewing, testing, workforce planning, development of the employee, appraisal based on the performance, analysis of the occupation, labor relations, and other human resources areas.

Skill Requirement:

  • Should have the ability to interview prospective applicants.
  • Should have the ability to collect, interpret and analyze data.
  • Should be self sufficient to complete the given work
  • The analyst has to be very active in listening to the things other say and should take time to understand things very minutely.
  • The analyst has to be a good speaker in order to convey the points and jobs to the employee.
  • Should be attentive about the work load and jobs that are being assigned.
  • Should be fluent in English.
  • Should be comfortable in using equipment and electronic equipment like computer.
  • Should be comfortable in using software like “Human Resource information system”.
  • Should have the skill to coordinate and manage things that comes its way.
  • Should be socially active and should know things that is happening in its respective field.
  • Should be a good negotiator.
  • Should be logical in his/her approach to a given problem or situation.
  • Should be wisely judgmental.
  • Should have the ability to persuade people on his/her own terms.
  • Should be time minded and should complete the given task in the given time frame.
  • Should be well rehearsed with management of financial and material resources.
  • Should be able to analyze the situation nicely and take appropriate steps the suits the situation.

Job Duties:

The job duties for a Human Resource Analyst are listed below:-

  • interview conduction and recommendation of people to be hired to his seniors.
  • Preparation of reports regarding hiring of individual and selection of other data.
  • the analyst need to go through the applicant and approves selection criteria for filling vacancies.
  • counsels prospective employees for career advancement.
  • approves or disapproves prospective employees on the basis of specified criteria.
  • to conduct reviews of selection program and procedures to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the selection procedure.
  • to develop criteria for job performance evaluation.
  • to conduct and participate in surveys of public and private employment to analyze wages , pay practices and other forms of compensation.
  • respond to the queries.
  • conducts occupation research studies.
  • maintains data and prepares reports related to work.

Working Condition:

Generally the working condition is good and is in the premises of the office.

At times it may also require travelling to distant places and remote areas.

For the purpose of research and collection of data the analyst may require to go out of the office premises and collect the required data.

Job Tips:

  • Be fluent in the knowledge you poses.
  • Be proactive in completing the job at hand.
  • Don’t be hesitant to disapprove any applicant.
  • Love your job, be proud of what you are doing and believe in yourself.

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