This is an advisory role and involves active interaction with clients. He is the first point of contact during the hiring of personnel. Depending on the organization he has to complete the work either from start till the end or just look at the initial phase of hiring.

Job Description

Some of the important works that this job entails are as discussed below.

  • They have to act as a bridge for the interaction of the employees with the management and vice Versa.
  • They have to answer all the queries regarding HR policies.
  • They have to advise the employees regarding their rights and privileges.
  • They work closely with other HR professionals and review and update the policies.
  • They have to respond to enquiries at the earliest.
  • He has to see that HR matters are handled properly and in accordance to the company rules and legislative policies.
  • He has to help the HR manager in sorting out matters pertaining to disciplinary actions, investigations, and solving grievances.
  • He has to see that the employees are performing in accordance to business objectives.
  • He has to keep a regular report on the information regarding budget and performance.
  • They have to work in association of other managers.

Job Duties

The main duties of this post are as follows.

  • They are the main point of interaction regarding any HR related issue.
  • He has to work in association with other HR managers and review and update all the current practices in HR.
  • He has to see that the matters are solved in accordance to the pertaining laws.
  • They advise the employees by making them aware of their entitlements and rights.
  • They quickly respond to the queries, and manage their expectations.
  • He has to help in the process of recruitment.
  • They should make ways for increasing the performance of the organization by driving ahead business objectives.
  • They work in association with the managers of their own department and also other departments.


The important skills required for this job are as follows.

  • They should have fantastic administrative skills.
  • They should be very organized in their work.
  • They must possess excellent time management skills.
  • They should be able to multitask.
  • They have to make sure that the employees are getting their due benefits, and they should also maintain confidentiality of reports and not divulge it to any unauthorized person.
  • They should keep the benefits of both the employee and the organization in mind.
  • They should be able to win over the trust of the employees by keeping their benefits in mind and at the same time inform them about the policies of the organization.
  • Successful professionals should be fair towards the company as well as to the employee.
  • They should always strive to improve the competency of the employees by arranging for their training and workshops.
  • They should take a leadership role in their attitude and should be able to influence management’s strategic planning. They should devise new compensation packages and recruit new sets of people to improve the productivity of the company.
  • They should be able to foster the idea of working as a team in the employees mind.

Work Environment

The working conditions of these people are as discussed below.

  • They work in the comfort of their offices.
  • There working areas are generally very clean, well-lit, and temperature controlled.
  • They have to work the normal working hours and weekends are generally off.
  • They are generally part of a big team and should, therefore, have good team spirit.


The general qualifications required in this job are as follows.

  • They should be either a graduate or postgraduate.
  • They must possess a degree in HR management.
  • Proficiency in computer is a must.

Tips for Jobs

Some basic tips for this job are as follows.

  • They must be very good in negotiation skills.
  • They must have strong knowledge about company affairs.

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