A hotel night auditor is a person maintains the reception at night in a hotel. He works both as a front desk person and also as an account person. Regular working hours close at midnight. So, the work of the accounts department and also of the reception department closes by then. Hence, there is a need for a night auditor to receive clients properly at night.

Job description

The main work done by a hotel night auditor can be summarized as:

  • Maintains guest ledger
  • Maintains front desk
  • Also provides other basic customer services like attending issues regarding room or furnishing etc.
  • They prepare hotel books for clients’ financial transactions.
  • Most of the time account works are done in computers. As this reduce the time of dealing with accounts.

Job duties

Some of the basic duties of hotel night auditors are as follows:

  • They have to answer phone calls during the shift.
  • They register clients and receive payments
  • They should update the status of a client.
  • They should ensure the accuracy of the accounts and transactions made with the customers.
  • Another important duty of a hotel night auditor is to make daily management reports. This help to maintain a regular track of the business.
  • Hotel night auditors produce port folios for the guests who will be leaving.
  • Fixing room charges and room taxes are done by them.
  • Other than the accounting function, hotel night auditors are asked to maintain front desk. These include looking after check-in, check-out, responding to customers’ needs, attending their queries, housekeeping requests and reservations etc.
  • They also have to works as security offices for both the stuffs and the customers.
  • Phone charges and dry cleaning issues are also maintained by them.


  • Must possess a good communication skill.
  • Comfortable with computers is must.
  • Should have a friendly nature and receive customers with a smile.
  • Comfortable in dealing account related works.

Work environment

They mainlywork in hotels and access things from that hotel only. They don’t have to go elsewhere for work.


The necessary qualifications required to be a successful hotel night auditor are as follows:

  • Like all other hotel works in this job one must be over 18 years.
  • Must have a diploma or graduation degree or equivalency.
  • Should have experience in customer services
  • Account related experience can be very helpful
  • Having good computer skill may be an advantage.
  • Should be capable in working with spreadsheets and databases. They have to be capable of handling computer accounting reports.

Tips for job:

  • Loyal toward work.
  • Should be able to handle during crisis time.
  • Professionalism is must.
  • Know how to deal with different classes of people.
  • Adjusting, convincing nature is required.
  • Hardworking is a must.

The following information regarding the hotel night auditor is expected to help an individual who is seeking this profession.

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